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    We were supposed to go over to my parent's house for dessert tonight. It would give us maybe 2 -2 1/2 hours to visit before thank you had to be home to get to bed.

    I just got a call that gfgbro dropped by so could we wait a half hour before coming over? No problem, thanks for letting us know was my response. I truly appreciate it.

    I know it is hard for my mom. A few years ago when gfgbro was all over my case and even my mom agreed it was stupid and inappropriate (a miracle by itself), mom suggested maybe I should just arrange things so that I don't have to see gfgbro.

    I thought it was a great idea. Of course, two weeks after she said it she was crying because I wouldn't come celebrate something if gfgbro was there!!

    We used to visit her a lot. Now gfgbro stops by at least 3-4 days a week so "Niece can see the gparents". It is a very clear attempt to control them, which my mother just rolls with.

    I think with this visit with my aunt she is getting sick of not seeing her other grandkids at all - and is about to tell gfgbro to call before coming over or not to come over.

    It is funny. I have not gone to my parents home with-o calling first (even if I had to find a pay phone) since Wiz was a baby. Gfgbro climbed all over husband and I for it and we thought it was a reasonable thing to do.

    Now gfgbro stops in 3-6 days a week and he NEVER calls ahead. NEVER. If my parents are not there he calls to ask them where they are as he looks at their calendar. My mom mentioned this briefly today.

    I did not comment to her but it sure sounds stalkerish and way too controlling to me.

    He is doing ALL he can do without coming out here to make sure I cannot see my parents and this aunt. IF he shows while we are there we will be leaving by whatever door we can get to with-o causing a problem. Say thanks, love you to parents and aunt, gotta go, bye.

    I am SURE my mother will be furious, but not sure at whom.
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    I'm proud of you for taking care of your family and yourself in this situation. I'm sorry for the pain this causes your mom but it's not your fault. For you to allow gfgbro to control you in any way would be devastating to your health. And the kids. Hugs.