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    Living with challenging kids causes a lot of stress and gets in the way of developing a relationship with them. Usually we have a lot of negative thoughts flooding our heads about what they should and should not be doing and these thoughts just add more stress and immobilize us. Byron Katie asks us ' how would we feel and be without these negative thoughts and give us a way to deal with them.

    I believe that Byron Katie is only the first step but an important one in liberating ourselves from negative thoughts and other emotions , so we can proceed in working with our children or spouses without any anger , emotional baggage and negative thoughts - there is a 3 minute you- tube lecture by Naomi Aldort based on the work . It helps to direct the negative feelings which lead to confrontation and ask ourselves instead how can i help this child , how can I work with him , rather what can I do to him to behave differently. Doing to a kid usually means yelling, threatening, punishing , bribing etc

    As I said this is only the first step , but very useful both with kids , spouses and other family members