Cabin Fever or just a blue day?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. hearts and roses

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    I don't know if it's cabin fever or something cosmic, but I am just irritated. But EVERYTHING, it seems.

    Besides the worry over our dog and her mystery illness, I do have other worries. But this is just something else.

    It's under my skin and everything and every one is bugging me. Every little thing that would normally just annoy me is instead rubbing me the wrong way BIG TIME.

    H and I were driving home from the food store this morning and there was a guy in a big SUV tailgating me. The speed limit was 25 and I was already doing 32 or so. He was so close to my rear bumper, I actually slammed on my brakes. I never do that. He raised his arms at me, I saw in my rear view mirror. I waved at him to back off. He didn't. He even got closer. Finally, I tried to pull over and stop but he must have been so furious with me that he didn't notice and almost hit me. I nearly jumped out of my car, instead the window came down and I stuck my head out with a few choice words and yelled at him that it was " 25 mph speed limit" "what was he *&%$^% doing??" etc. He actually had to back up to get around me!!! As they passed, his wife gave me the "I'm so sorry - he's crazy" wave (from one wife to another, lol).

    I was so filled with rage.

    Later, easy child said some off the cuff comment and I felt like I might explode. I actually had to leave the house and get in my car and drive away. I actually cried as I was driving around aimlessly. I started talking to myself and out came comments about difficult child, about H, the house, money, the dog...and finally, the weather.

    I really really am getting to hate the winter months here. It's just too much, too cold, too snowy, so sick of the ice and the bitter winds and the having to wear 4 layers just to take the dogs out to pee. I'm tired of shoveling a path to the woods for them (they are so little, they disappear in the snow!). I'm tired of the dry skin and cracks on my fingertips. I almost slipped and fell this morning on a thick patch of ice out front while grabbing the paper. H asks me to go for walks with him and the thought of bundling up to walk in the cold freakin weather just makes me want to scream. I always say no and I know that H is annoyed by that. I even declined a night at the movies the other night because I hated the idea of walking back to my cold car afterwards (thank God for Netflix).

    I don't want to move away so much as I just want the winters to be shorter. It's only January - we still have a good 2.5 more months of this crud.
  2. susiestar

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    I don't know if it is cabin fever or what, but I am sorry you feel this way. Is it possible it is something hormonal?

    I truly do know the feeling you have, and I wish you didn't have it.

    Sending gentle hugs, a big bag of chocolate (in case it is hormonal), and a bundle of movies. Also sending "take out the dog" vibes to the rest of your family.
  3. Big Bad Kitty

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    Could you be suffering from lack of sunlight? What's that called...someone will know what I am talking about. Where you get an artificial sunlight thingie for during the colder months?
  4. Suz

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    This winter is getting to me as well ~ feeling to homebound. All this snow & below zero weather has me biting my lip. We're in the midst of a winter carnival & I screamed "are you people friggin nuts?".

    I'm not going out in sub zero temps to watch the antics of some dumb clowns (the vulcans), King Boreas & the snow queen.

    Jo, if you're winter began like ours (before Thanksgiving) I'm not surprised at cabin fever.

    I have SAD & haven't gotten the lamps; however I do take an AD.

    You have my empathy.
  6. Kjs

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    I am beginning to dread walking outside too. Even though it IS cold (-5/ -14wc) the sun has been shining. If I keep my patio door blinds open it shines in very bright.

    I do see we have some snow, a little bit, coming this afternoon/evening.

    But, I decided, out of no where that I want to go to California to visit my brother. but I want to take difficult child and go to Hollywood, universal again. Only trouble is he is self employed, with investment plans and tax season he works 24/7. Easter vacation is the week of tax season, so I don't know if they would like any company.

    They live just a few blocks from the ocean, and I would love to just hang out on the beach. I wouldn't bother them...just for a place to stay. I have a feeling sister in law will tell me it is not a good time. I cannot have difficult child miss school. Then Baseball starts so the plans would be scrapped.
  7. goldenguru

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    I live in Michigan. And our winter has been very, very hard. I so understand what you mean about not wanting to leave the house, but going stir crazy because your not leaving the house.

    I cope by making myself get outside every day to walk. I hate, hate, hate it. But, it keeps me sane most days. Also, I suggest getting yourself a couple of pairs of fleece/flannel lined jeans. I wear them all winter - so that when I have to run out to the store or whatever, I stay much warmer. Dressing for our winters is priority number one. A good coat, boots, hat and mittens are a must for me.

    Sorry your feeling this way. Spring is on the way.
  8. hearts and roses

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    Thanks, I knew I couldn't possibly be the only one.

    I do take wellbutrin xl, when I remember - it's hard to remember on the weekends. And I take Vitamin D as well. I could probably use a spot of time outdoors just to be sure I'm getting that sunlight everyone raves

    And yes, it does feel hormonal, though if it is hormonal, then my body is really out of whack because this isn't the right time in my cycle for such hormonal happenings.

    Anyway, back at work today, which forces me to get outside. My car never warmed up this morning. The car ran for at least 20 minutes - you'd think that SOME small level of heated air would FINALLY blast through the vents, but it was like ice coming out. And the temp guage registered 6°F. I know that's not as cold as some of you....but I HATE it. And yes, Linda, our winter seemed to start a bit earlier, but more than that, we've just had so many cold snaps.

    Today we find out what is wrong with Sophie-dog. She had a better night last night but she's slower.