Caffeine for ADHD?


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I am interested in this thread as my 12 year old grandson who lives with me and his dad has ADHD. He is on Strattera 60mgs a day (less than that is ineffectual) and .5mgs of Repiridone a day for disruptive behaviour. He has good insight now but still buys into arguements at high school. He is in a remedial class for kids of similar ilk. They are all academically behind due to lack of concentration. It is a small class of 16 difficult kids. By year 9 he will be in a regular class. Australian schools go up to year 12 then uni or whatever.

On Friday he came home all excited as he had bought a can of Red Bull which claims to improve concentration. It has guarana in it. It worked for him and he finished all his work for a change which he showed me. I googled this guarana but dont want him to go down that track as he could end up crashing. It is caffeine in any case.

After reading the experiences of people with coffee I suggested that but he claims it gives him he runs which I dont believe. I told him he can have a small drink of coke each morning and we will see how he goes. I do a day a week as a volunteer in the school canteen so can check his progress as I know most of the teachers. Jack is under the care of a behavioural paediatrician whom he sees every 6 months.