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New Leaf

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Aloha All,
My hubs is in the hospital, he has, what they think, pancreatitis. They are looking to release him on Saturday. I am okay, we have been down this road with various illnesses before.
We are fortunate, it could be worse.
Mahalo ke Akua for our blessings.

What I wanted to share with you is about the importance of calling 911,
especially for folks in our age bracket 50 and above.

Yesterday, I got a call at work from hubs complaining of stomach ache and dizziness.
Hubs is not a complainer. So, I had concern.
What I have learned here about slowing down and thinking helped me.

He said "I want you to come and pick me up and take me to emergency."
(Not your normal "Hi hon how are you" work call)
I asked him all of the questions, what, when, why, etc.
He said he would tell his boss, and then wait outside his workplace for me.

I had some things to close up before leaving. "Slow deep breaths." I said to myself.
Okay right, everything started kind of spinning,
but I think I pulled off an outward appearance of calmness.

I went out of my office and randomly spoke to one of our teachers.

Now, I am not Hawaiian, but living here for so long, and being married to my hubs who is Hawaiian-Chinese, mixing with his people and culture, who feel that there is a reason for everything (some people would call it superstition), it was a blessing that I spoke with her.

I prefer to call Hawaiians understanding of things as inter-connection.
Ahem. I digress. But, not really.

So, I said to her as calmly as I could "Oh my God, I have to leave, hubs just called.........(explaining phone call)

She said
"Leafy, I was not here on Monday, because my brother in law passed. He was not feeling well and called my sister at work, asking her the same thing.
Now we are left thinking that if he had called an ambulance, he may still be with us."

That sentiment hung thick in the air between us, and I inhaled it, deeply.

Time slowed between the next heartbeat.

So, you all know what I did.
Gulping and praying, I got on that phone, and told my hubs,
he needed to call 911.
Never mind the dang ambulance fee,
and thankfully, he agreed.

Mind you, we are both first responders, health/CPR certified.

Such a simple thing. We all may be faced with this some day.
Plus the dang ambulance fee.

To heck with the dang ambulance fee.

Call 911.

This, afforded me to breathe easier, and eliminated a harrowing drive to hubs workplace, plus another fretful drive to the hospital.

Call 911

Thankfully, so far, my hubs does not have a life threatening emergency. Mahalo ke Akua.

My workmate who lost her brother in law, how tragic.

He was just 52, my friends.

He had just had a physical, in good shape, not a worry.
His wife picked him up,
they made it to the hospital,
but it was too late.

He died of a massive heart attack.

Auwe. (expression of pain) AUWE.
May he rest in peace. Amen.

Call 911 my Cd ohana.

when in doubt, or not

call 911.


Tanya M

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I'm so glad you made the choice to call 911. I would rather have a professional at hand just in case because you never know.

I am so grateful for EMT's, Firefighters and Police officers.

A couple of years ago I had to call 911 in the middle of the night. I awoke to my husband having a grand mal seizure. Of course at the time I thought he was having a stroke. I have never been so scared in my life and was shaking so bad it took 3 tries just to dial 911.
The 911 operator was so good with me on the phone and the EMT's & Fire dept. boys were at my house within 5 min. and were just so good and caring.

I'm glad your husband is doing better and hope he will get to go home soon.

((HUGS)) to you............

New Leaf

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Thank you Okie and Tanya.
Hubs went to work this morning, he is much better. We are blessed.