Call from school today.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Nov 28, 2007.

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    Today I recieved a call from school. It went like this:

    "Hello, this is middle school calling. difficult child is alright. Just wanted to let you know he fell down a flight of steps. He has a bump on his head, bruises and bumps on his fore arms, elbows,knees and legs. Due to the head injury you need to take him home."

    I got to school and he was laying down with ice packs all over his body. He was very, very shaken up. His locker is on second floor, and he wasn't able to walk well. So, I didn't get his jacket or any supplies. He was not pushed. just slipped. it was witnessed by two teachers. just slipped. He was very shaken up though. Sore. I told him he should of not tried to get up (teachers ran to aid him). If he would of just laid there they would of called an ambulance and he would of been checked out. I did not take him in. He was not dizzy, or lightheaded. Just very very sore.
    Sad, he really picked up and was doing well this week. Not sure if I should keep him home tomorrow. I know he will be extremely sore. Most of his bumps turned black and blue along with the bumps. He has a review tomorrow for a chapter test in math. He is not doing well in math and don't want him to miss that. Don't know yet, guess I'll see how he feels in the morning.
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    I would play it by ear as well. See how he's feeling. If he's still sore and doesn't want to go, I would contact the math teacher, get him an extension on the test, and arrange for difficult child to stay after school or during his study hall to work on the review with the math teacher.

    Glad he's ok.

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    Hey Sharon.
    His math teacher leaves immediately after school due to "family obligations". And difficult child has class when the teacher has her open period. But I already contacted the program director and asked her that very question. If there was someone that could review with him on Friday when the rest of the class is taking the test, and then after school if he can take the test.
    Hope that is a possibility.
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    Poor kid!

    I sent you a PM.
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    OMG Kjs, just one more thing! I'm so sorry this happened. I hope he is feeling better soon. (((KJS)))
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    Poor baby! I hope he is ok today.
    I fell down a flight of stairs once too, only I was totally drunk. (loooooong time ago) I wasn't sore at all the next day. Must have been like a wet noodle going down. :))