calling all "do it your selfers" painting


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Has anyone found anything to remove paint from wood paneling that doesn't cause all the fumes?

I have pine paneling that has been covered in a coat of kilz and then paint (latex?) I also want to remove paint from my brick fireplace.

Any suggestions on something that doesn't make us move out while it is being done? We are all sensitive to the fumes and we have a home full of animals.

Thanks, Traci


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I agree, a heat gun. They can be found fairly reasonably at most home supply stores. Like Lowes or whatever. The other option is to sand it off. Both methods are time consuming.

OH, 3M has a stripper (used to be called Safest STripper) that is slow but nonsmelly and nontoxic. I react to just about everything under the sun (and the sun! LOL!) and this was OK for me. To make it work more effectively cover the area with the stripper on it in plastic wrap. A big cheap drop cloth for a large area, or just lots of saran wrap. This makes it work faster and better.

Good Luck!