calling all grandmas..time for an update!


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Its been awhile since we have done a roll call of the bumper crop of babies that our difficult child's have produced. I just know we are dying to brag about these darling little ones...least I

My little Princess turned a year old in June! Can you believe it? She still isnt walking yet but that should come soon. She has the most gorgeous blond tight curly hair in finger rolls all over her head. You cant do a thing with her hair! She still has big blue eyes that she just melts our hearts with. She looks just like her daddy at a year old except she has my eyes.

She is saying Mama, Papa, Mema, and Dada and something that approximates bayeee which is the dogs Bailey.

She has been fully off the bottle and onto a sippy cup since 9 months. She went first to the ones with the soft spout and now to the ones with the hard spout about a month ago. She gave us absolutely no trouble with that. She doesnt even know what a bottle is anymore. It probably helps that she never took a pacifier.

She is a very easy baby who scampers up to us when she comes for her weekend visits to Papa and Mema's house every weekend. Her big smile just lights up our house. She loves her Uncle Billy too. She understands the word no and obeys it! She does cry from time to time but thats ok, she redirects easily. She eats very well and is not picky at all. She is learning to self feed quite well. She loves finger foods like small veggies, fruits, cereal, cut up sandwiches, eggs, fish, even avocado. She still hasnt mastered the spoon but we shall get there.

She loves her toys. She has started playing with blocks now along with her old favorite baby toys. But her favorite is still her puppy she got for xmas that plays songs and talks to her. She now weighs about 22 pounds and wears a size 12 months.

Well thats my girl! Now Im waiting for number two to arrive. I thank heaven that this next one is coming exactly a year apart because they will wear the same size clothes at the same time so hand-me-downs will be no

Lets hear about all the other babies!!!
Hearing about babies makes me go


But I'd better not have any grandkids for a looooooong time.

You go on ahead and enjoy yours. Keyana sounds like a little dollbaby.
Hello everyone! I know it's been a long time since I have posted, but I stop by everyday.

I could not pass on this topic Janet as I bake cupcakes for a birthday party later

Let's see, Jimmy who is my step grandson but he doesn't know the will be 8yrs old on 7/7/07. He plays soccer, is getting ready to enter 2nd grade and is ADD. Great in school, good kid. Calls me almost every night just to tell me about his day.

Now Princess Courtney as some may recall was our little preemie who is now 3 1/2 yrs old!! She has a slight case of cerebral palsy and is still dealing with the affects of hip dysplasia but she too plays soccer. She loves to sing and be the center of attention. Is so much like her father it is scary! She can be sweet and loving but has an ornery streak a mile long. Constantly adorable!!

And bringing up the rear...Erica who just turned a year old on June 18th! She was Daddy's surprise Father's Day present last She is standing but not walking yet. Doing very well with finger foods, weighs about 20lbs. She only says Mama and Dada. She is darling and has a smile that covers her entire face and lights up the whole room.

Today we are having a combined birthday party for Jimmy and Erica. The Mom says it will be easier this way. I thought Erica deserved her own party for her 1st but I was out!

Well let me get back to my cupcakes! Can't wait to hear from the rest of you!



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JJ was also a year old in June. He is walking and running everywhere. He says about 20 words. He is eating everything in sight. He still has a night-time bottle. He loves to swim and swing. He will be here in a few minutes for a day of pool play.


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LOL...we are waiting to see if Jamies baby may make her entrance on 7/7/07 which would be hilarious since Keyana was born 6/6/06...lmao.

Wouldnt that be just too funny?


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well hi there grannies. kaleb named me "nunny" and he is a dear. still not potty trained at age 3yrs 4 months, but then one takes the time!
I am going to have him for the week, he will sleep at ant's and play with me during the day.

he is a busy happy kiddo who loves to be outside all the time.

Hound dog

Nana's are Beautiful

Keyana sounds like such an adorable baby! Love those curls. My oldest had wild curls you couldn't do anything with. lol I used to have to put it up all of the time just so people would know I actually DID comb her hair everyday. lmao

Darrin is 3 now and an awesome lil guy. So smart it's scarey, and has a memory that is unsettling it's so accurate. He calls Nana on the phone alot and is tickled to death to get to spend the night, except he doesn't want to go home the next day. lol He's having surgery on Mon to put tubes in his ears. Severe allergies have contributed to so many serious ear infections that doctor decided this was best. Nana does NOT agree. The boy just needs his tonsils and adenoids removed. They're always huge, just like his Mom's were. (which caused the same problem)

The lil guy likes to call me up and invite me to go places with him. Last night he calls and asks if I'll go to the movies with him. When I didn't answer right away he says, "So, Nana, you gonna go with me or not??" :rofl: Needless to say we went.

Aubrey at one, is still tall for her age. She thinned out and scared us for awhile, but is now chunking up nicely thanks to table foods added to her diet. She can stand alone and take a couple of steps. But God forbid she do this in front of Nana. lol She thinks the spoon is for combing her hair. The sippy cup still has her stumped, although we keep trying. (I think the disposable playtex bottles contributes to this) She could careless about her binky.

Aubrey uses sign language, but has stopped speaking at all. She babbles, but no words. Janet I know I mentioned this to you, but I double checked with Nichole this morning. It's been weeks since the kids have heard her say an actual word. And we do try hard to get her to speak.

Her hair is long enough for pigtails, and she has beautiful amberish eyes. Her head is still measuring small. But she's a doll baby. Definately opinionated, has a temper. Nichole is going to have her hands full in the future. lol


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Anoather granny checking in here.
Harley was a year old June 1. He has just begun walking and is really proud of himself. He is a cute baby (imagine me thinking that!) and loves to be hugged and cuddled.
Tru is 2 1/2 and is a real character. She is counting past 20 and starting to sing the ABC song. A couple of nights ago, difficult child was scolding her for something and she just looked at him in a very disgusted way, used one hand for a pretend push in the air, and said, "Just go watch TV." I guess if I had been the parent I might not have thought it was so funny, but as a grandma, it cracked me up. I think she will give him a taste of what he used to give me.
Does it count that mine is Grandson(to be)? My little guy is 3 1/2 and a the cutest little devil around. His hair is strawberry blonde and I swear you can tell when he is angry, his hair becomes RED!!!

He is smart, very athletic to the point of being scary accurate, and soooooo very headstrong!

We spent the day at easy child 2's apartment yesterday to let the kids swim and run around at the park. I currently have a 4 yo boy for respite/foster care and boy howdy, it was war to the death with those 2! Grandson-to-be "R" is used to being "pack leader" of all the kiddos and my foster son "D" sure put "R" down a rung or 2. I know the kids had fun, most of the time, because they were sound asleep by the time I got out of the parking lot. And I was beyond exhausted and have NO voice this morning from all the "NO R, you cannot sit on top of D in the pool" "No D, you cannot hold R's head under water till he pukes" and many other fun things! But, at the end of the day, they were walking arm and arm calling each other brothers! LOL!!

I have to say I am sooooo proud of my son (easy child 2) with how he is co-parenting R. He is awesome with him. And you can tell R respects my son's authority and listens better to my son than his own mom!?!?!?

I need to go take some "get up and go" vitamins! Who had the bottle last? Pass it on, k?

Grandma-to-be Vickie