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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by amazeofgrace, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. amazeofgrace

    amazeofgrace New Member

    so who else cried this past Thursday???

    I personally felt miffed for a few mintues that the writters messed with us so! My Mom was so lost I had to explain it to her 5 times!!!:faint:
  2. 'Chelle

    'Chelle Active Member

    I don't think Jin is dead. I think he's still on the Island myself, and he forced Sun to leave so she and their baby would be ok. They did say they had funerals for everyone on the flight when they made the fake discovery of the place, so maybe she just goes there to say how much she misses him, because they can't acknowldge anywhere that there still are other survivors on the island.

    That's my thoughts anyway, and hope I'm right. Though they did say another major character would die.
  3. tinamarie1

    tinamarie1 Member

    I was sad..but I hope you are right Chelle and that Jin is not dead. I was a little confused when Hurley showed up at her door though. I thought he was in a mental institution?
  4. tammyjh

    tammyjh New Member

    I cried too and I really hope Jin isn't dead either.
    I wasn't surprised that Hurley showed up at Sun's because the time lines are always so messed up on the show. I just guessed it was either before he entered the mental institution or that he has gotten out and it just hasn't been addressed yet. I am really loving this season. I need to go back and rewatch some of the past seasons because I have missed some episodes. I would like for husband to catch up and watch so I would have someone to watch it with but he won't...says it would take too long:sad-very:
  5. babybear

    babybear New Member

    Yes, I am thinking there is a good chance he is still around so I didn't get too upset.

    Not like with Charlie :crying:

    I usually don't get to watch until sat morning on the computer. Had to cancel the cable so difficult child would stop sneaking out at night to watch cartoons, but found we really don't miss it much.
  6. tammyjh

    tammyjh New Member

    I'm still upset about Charlie. He was my favorite character:sad-very:
  7. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member

    I just watched this episode. I was a bit confused. I'm assuming that it was a Jin flashback, when he showed up at the hospital and then said he was only married two months. That was weird.
  8. Terryforvols

    Terryforvols Member

    It took me a minute to figure out the Jin thing at the hospital with the Panda. My husband then said flashback vs flash forward. This season is the BEST!! What do you all think of the captain, especially the note saying don't trust the captain. Also, Michael showing up. Is he the spy on the boat?? Maybe I'm way off track, or you all have discussed this, but I'm interested in people's thoughts.
  9. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member

    Yes, Michael is the spy on the boat. He was afraid they'd recognize him and say something and also maybe didn't want to give away that he actually didn't escape Ben, after all. Where's the son, though?

    Was it me, or did Devon have a look on his face that he might recogonize the capt, but couldn't place where? The capt was an Aussie, not Scot, so I wonder where the recgognition could be from, but since Devon can't remember a bunch of stuff, it's hard to say.

    Gosh this show is just going off in so many different directions. How come no one just comes out and asks Ben what the island is all about? Or even the newbies?
  10. Terryforvols

    Terryforvols Member

    Ben is the most complex character of all and holder of so many secrets!! He drives me crazy, and the guy who plays him is awesome. As far as I know, and I may have missed something, it has never been explained what that "field", magnetic or otherwise, is that is around the island. Isn't the freighter away from the island because of it? I wonder where Walt is, too. Was it Locke who had that vision of him telling him to get out of that pit? I absolutely can not stand Jack, I'm a Sawyer fan all the way!! I have very mixed feelings about Juliet, too. I think she's honest, but then again...... Anyway, husband and I LOVE it!!
  11. gottaloveem

    gottaloveem Active Member

    I think Ben invented a time travel device. I think he is manipulating the past to create a different future.
  12. amazeofgrace

    amazeofgrace New Member

    ugh just watched episode from 3/20, I was away and had taped it, WOW who thinks Ben had Carl and Danielle shot??? Me me me I do, poor Alex, she'll be the one to kill ben when it's all said and done!
  13. Terryforvols

    Terryforvols Member

    I agree. Ben was tooo anxious to get them to leave. AND...maybe I've missed this at some point, but all women who get pregnant on the island die. Now, if Ben is Alex's father, and he has lived on the island since childhood, and the "French woman" (is her name Danielle??) got pregnant on the island, why is she alive. Or, was she pregnant when her ship wrecked?? I just thought of that last week. My memory of all the past weirdness on that island has escaped me, but I absolutely LOVE that show and am very sad no new episodes till April 24th!!!
  14. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    Yeah, you really need to keep track of past events with this show. The time travel idea occured to me and I still think something will pop up about the cabin in the jungle where 'Jacob' lived. Don't know if you recall that episode where Locke met Jacob, but we never really saw Jacob, at least I don't remember seeing him. After that Locke was apparently shot, but lived????? Is Jacob the time traveler and Ben has learned his secret? Also the "Oceanic Six" I count five, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Sun, have they come right out and said the sixth one? We saw Ben in the future with Sayid, but technically he wouldn't have counted since he wasn't on the plane manifest? Michael came back early and wasn't reported as alive since he dealt with Ben on his safe passage with Walt....I heard on some radio show that when Miles (the guy who speaks to the dead) went to the black woman's house to "put to rest" the soul of her grandson (who was portrayed as a drug dealer and Miles found a wad of cash) that they thought the black woman who played the grandmother was the same woman who played Walt's grandmother, so was the dead grandson, drug dealer, Walt? Interesting???? More episodes, more questions.......that's what makes you want to tune in for more episodes.......