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Well, we have all recently been looking forward to the opportunity that was presented to our difficult child to attend an equestrian therapy camp here in Illinois. We were expecting great things to come from the week she was to spend there, and then I found out earlier this week that it has been cancelled!! Some of the counties are unable to get funding so there are not enough kids to keep it running.

Now we are all out of ideas!! She needs something, and if not this, then I don't know what! We were trying to avoid something like boot camp or wilderness camp, so I need to try to find another horse camp somewhere that isn't TOO far away, if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!!


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See if you can find the people who were going to run the camp. They might know of someone in your area who wants to do equine therapy and would be willing to have your daughter be their "trainee."

You might check with the social services to see what camps they have for troubled kids if it is specifically a camp you are looking for. Otherwise, you might want to consider art therapy, dance therapy, martial arts. All require discipline and self-control.

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There are several here in Texas but this is Texas. We like horses here. :thumb:

I did a search for special needs camps and found this list:

Might also check with the Special Education dept in your school district or MHMR. I found difficult child's special needs camps through her teachers at school.

Sorry to hear it was cancelled. All the ones around here have waiting lists.



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I would calm down. Seriously, one week of camp can be VERY enjoyable, but in my opinion it isn't going to make a forever change in your child. I'd call Social Services to see what's available to you. They should have lists. Good luck.


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Hi! Are there any stables nearby? When I was a kid, we would volunteer to work with horses (mucking out stalls, baling hay, feeding, grooming, etc.)in exchange for the priveledge of taking out trail rides. We learned how to bridle, sadle, and <u>shovel</u>!!


Also, see if there are any local horse owners that could use a hand. As she gets a reputation in that community, she could end up with a couple of horse sitting gigs next summer while families go away on vacation.

Hope this helps!