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    We have a 3-year IEP meeting coming up. The current IEP specifies accommodations for classwork, homework, testing format, etc. The problem is not all the teachers either 1)read his IEP or 2)want to follow it. Principal at school apparently has no experience with ODD. JR swore in class and got suspended for a day. He threw a marker at a wall a foot from a teacher and was suspended for rest of that day last week. Obvious principal wants nothing to do with JR. SpEd teacher great but feeling heat from principal. No other schools in the area. Very rural community. I have no idea what to do at this next meeting. They usually only have one regular ed "representative" at these meetings. Can anyone tell me what my options are? They are not helping JR by sending him home for every little thing.
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    you don't have a profile signature at the bottom of your post and I don't remember the specifics on your difficult child. Is this a new school this year? A transition to middle or high? I usually take personal responsibility for contacting difficult child's teachers at the beginning of each year letting them know difficult child has an IEP and listing any accoms/mod I think will be an issue at the very beginning of the year. It's habit now and usually helps with a smooth transition into the school year. Not all schools are on the ball and get IEPs to their teachers before the school year starts. And, even if they do, there is no guarantee the teacher has read it!

    I would suggest you do some poking around on the wrightslaw website ( Both of these can help you understand the whole suspension vs disability and IEP stuff. Does your son have a Behavior Intervention Plan?

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    If he's already in Special Education, he needs a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). BIPs are formulated after a Functional Behavioral Analysis (FBA) is completed.

    As the parent, you are a part of the IEP team. If his IEP needs revision for whatever reason, you have the right to call an IEP meeting or request things like BIPs, evaluations, beefing up the IEP to better serve your child's need. In this instance, I recommend that you write a letter and send it via certified mail requesting the FBA and BIP. The certified mail is important; it evidences the request was made and received by the school district and it kicks in any timelines (local, state or federal timeline requirements).

    There's a Sp Ed 101 archives board. You'll find sample letters and information on BIPs and FBAs there.
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    And keep an exact record of every single time they suspend him (being sent home early counts as a suspension for however much of the day is left).
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    He has a BIP which is not completely being followed. They are redoing all their testing. They don't want to make any changes until all the testing is done. Their exact words were "it'll be interesting to see what the new testing shows." He is particularly having trouble in one particular class but they aren't willing to do anything different until the testing is done and the IEP team meets. That won't be until late October or early November. In the mean time, this one class is VERY stressful for him and they say they have other kids with ODD that don't act like he does. They also do not believe that his is not 100% in control of his actions. They "have to treat him like any other 7th grader in the school." Those were the principal's exact words. This is not a new school at all. Same building, same schedule, just advanced a grade. The BIP is not being followed completely because the SE teacher's schedule is different this year so he can't do some of the things he did last year. There is no time in his schedule now. Lots of lame excuses.
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    Call for an IEP meeting. Tell them you are not willing to see your child suffer for another two months until testing is done.

    Have you met with the teacher of the problem-class??
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    I contacted an advocate. The advocate called the principal. I called to the SpEd teacher and pointed out the parts of the BIP and IEP that are not being followed. Amazing how fast things changed! They are even trying a couple of my interim ideas to deal with the behavior. No more noise or veiled threats from the principal. Been a very quiet week. They have expedited the testing/evaluations and are doing it during the class that is the problem right now. I should be hearing from them SOON. It's about time. In the mean time, I have discovered some of the issues with school work that are stressing difficult child out. I am keeping track of everything so I am "armed" when we get to the IEP meeting. Thanks for the input. I just love this site.

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    I am curious how it works to call/hire an advocate. Did they just do this one time thing to get the ball rolling? Do you have to pay for the services?
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    We have an agency in our area called the PACER center. It is run by people who are very well versed in the federal and state laws regarding special education. The are funded by a grant. All I had to do was call. This is their job, to answer questions and if needed, advocate for students and their families. They also teach the parents how to advocate for themselves. The one I talked to has worked with this SD with another family and is willing to go to bat for us as well. She is a wonderful resource and it is free to us. The SD knows she knows what she is talking about so they don't "play games" with her like they try to do with kids and families.
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    Well that is awesome! What a great resource!
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    I've posted to this thread twice and for some reason it's not "sticking."

    PACER is a great advocacy agency. It's also a national organization.

    Amazing how attitudes change when the right people can be involved in a difficult situation.:D