Can I appeal a suspension?

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Kjs, Oct 4, 2007.

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    This is totally bizarre. VP told me to pick him up or difficult child would spend the remainder of the day in ISS. When I started asking why, and backing difficult child in his decision VP then threatened to send him home walking if I didn't come get him. When I got there he threatened TWO days of suspension if we didn't leave. Then threatened moving him to a more restrictive classroom. You know why??? Because he didn't feel good in gym and refused to run.

    Mind you..he passed out two days ago and awaiting an EEG and cardiologist visit to check for seizures!
    School is aware of this.

    Each time I made a statement VP didn't like he made another threat.

    I am going to school and waiting to see the Principal. I am going to contact the superintendent.
    Can I contact some kind of attorney to have them STOP harassing difficult child? How do I go about appealing a suspension?

    I am going early so anyone who can offer advice on appealing suspension please, please offer.
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    NO WAY.....would I tolerate threatening remarks from that school....from ANYONE! What is the matter with them? I'd be sitting in the superintendent's office at 8:00 this morning, ready to unload. These schools sometimes don't get's their JOB to teach, they are not the kings and queens of the world.
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    How upsetting.

    Discipline appeals procedures should be in the Students Code of Conduct Book. Have you checked your "Procedural Safeguards" given in relation to IEP meetings?

    Yes, you can contact an attorney. A disability rights attorney or one specializing in special education would be best in my opinion. may have something....

    Keep your cool at the meeting. Hope it goes well.

    Documentation via follow-up letter recommended.
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    You might also want to write a letter summarizing the content of the conversation in which the threats were made. Just "I'm following up on our telephone call at 10:15 this morning, I was surprised to hear that my son was suspended, and to be told that if I didn't come to pick him up by X time, he, at age X, would be sent home walking....(etc.). If I have misunderstood anything you said in our phone call, please reply in writing to clarify. I am eager to work together to find a solution to provide the proper supports for difficult child."

    It can be just another data point in case you need it in the future, and it will remind them to think before they call you up and bully you. At least one hopes so...

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    Star! Man you're good! I love written "f u's" (follow ups! shame on you guys!). I like to send minutes of the meeting to guys like this vp. The backpedaling gets to be hysterical :rofl: And they know that you are a force to be dealt with!