Can I brag...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Mar 16, 2008.

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    Not very often I can brag about difficult child and school...
    His state tests came in the mail Friday. (they took these tests in November) AND difficult child knows these tests are very important.

    He scored Advanced in every single subject. Not just into advanced...almost to the top advanced! For math he scored 73 points less than the total listed.
    8th grade is the big test, all subjects and a writting area. He scored very high on that too.

    so now can anyone tell me why his grades do not reflect this?
  2. klmno

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    Congrats to you and him!! That is great!!

    Re. school- My son typically shows a lot more potential on the tests like that than his grades reflect. The neuropsychologist tetsting seemed to reveal the reason why- those tests results (neuropsychologist and school aptitude tests), along with report cards showing grades, can go a long way in an IEP meeting sometimes-unless you meant he is just going through a phase where he is not into studying or making a good effort for school- I wasn't sure if you meant typical teen stuff or that he needed accommodations at school.
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    wow, that is great!! difficult child here usually does worse on the tests than he could, but we just put into place in his IEP that he should be given more time if possible due to a slow processing speed, and that he should be able to take the test alone with an adult in an alternative environment as otherwise he rushes.

    Good job for your difficult child, maybe it is easier to take a test than to do the homework every day?
  4. ML

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    You have a brilliant young man there. Don't let the school grades worry you too much. It's comforting to know his mind is so sharp; it will stead him well in life. You just keep on doing the amazing job you already are in helping to teach him the common sense stuff. TC ML
  5. Big Bad Kitty

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    Brag on, proud mommy!

    Does not surprise me. That boy is going to be something remarkable someday...
  6. trinityroyal

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    Brag away, Kjs.

    A lot of very bright children who do so well on standardized tests have trouble in the daily grind of a classroom.

    It might help you to know that Albert Einstein failed high school. (As it turns out, he was likely an Aspie)

    Your lad has a brilliant future ahead of him! Congratulations

  7. Star*

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    GOSH - YOU BRAG all you want!~ This is fantastic news and very brag-worthy.

  8. DDD

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    Well......of course, you can brag. We all enjoy success stories and dream of writing our own brags. :D

    Our easy child/difficult child tested high and achieved lower because the classroom work was not challenging and he could "float". In the few gifted classes that were offered he was stimulated to do his best and actually enjoyed the
    pace. DDD
  9. susiestar

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    What wonderful test results!!!!

    As for school, well, he very likely is bored to tears. Even in "advanced" classes.

    Gifted kids RARELY do wonderfully in school. They usually are operating on a whole different level. Schools are set up in such a way that they are a totally artificial environment. Where else are you limited to only being with others your own age? Simply because you are the same age?

    Many gifted kids are left out by the teachers. I am NOT slamming teachers, just stating some info. Teachers often judge giftedness by compliance and cooperation. The bored kid who causes trouble (or just is ignorable) is often NOT seen as gifted by teachers. Teachers also often judge giftedness by the abilitiy to get 100% or close on things. Gifted kids are ahead of most of the work and too boored to see the point in doing the work. One study I read years ago said that in judging giftedness, other students are right about 80-90% of the time, parents about 75% of the time, and teachers 50% of the time. The child who does all the work, turns things in on time or ahead of schedule, and does all the extra work often is a hard worker, NOT gifted. This is NOT always true, but it does show up as statistically significant in a number of studies. I will see if I can find the study for you.

    Read some books about gifted children. They are eye-opening. Here is an amazon search that has some great books. children&rh=i:aps,k:gifted children&page=1

    Glad the test scores are so great! (Oh, another reason gifted kids don't live up to their potential in school is the horrific teasing that they get from early on. I remember how awful it was. And then the teacher knows you have the answer so you don't get called on, so you quit raising your hand. That is often the start - was for me, for many of my friends, and for my children. Sad. Teachers are trying to see if other kids know, but rarely is this explained to gifted kids, esp in early elementary.)


    ps. Teachers, you do a great job with what you have. Usually an amazing job. But it is hard to meet the needs of hte gifted or very gifted as well as the ADHD, special needs, and very slow students. Not to mention the regular student. You are just pulled in too many directions with too few resources. NONE of the problems gifted kids encounter are done with any spiteful, or harmful intent. I KNOW this. It is a problem with the way schools are designed, NOT with teachers not busting their tails every day.
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    That's wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Marguerite

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    Kjs, I'm not surprised, from what you've told us of him. He is SO much like my boys, especially difficult child 3.

    School grades are based on continual assessment which is covered by behaviour in class, performance in class, homework, assignments and finally (if they give them) exams.
    My boys always did much better in exams than in assessments. Think about exam conditions - it's quiet, there is very little auditory or visual distraction. All the work is in front of him on the table. All he has to do is write the answers, and there are no teachers interrupting him or making him stop when THEY think time is up (because the class has spent half an hour on that topic; time to change tasks).

    Just hug him, tell him how proud you are of him and DON'T remind him that his class marks are always lower.

    I don't blame you for bragging - I think these marks reflect his true abilities, which are being hampered by a combination of his difficulties, and the way school generally works (NOT in his favour in so many ways).

  12. Kjs

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    That has been our challenge since day one. More amazing to me is that difficult child scored this high, he IS in one honors class, but he scored this high for 8th grade, and he skipped a grade.

    They did not have gifted or even advanced classes in elementary school. it was First grade when we were told how Awful he was. Straight A's but an "awful" kid. Class clown, distracting others. Our very first conference which we were so anxious to go to consisted of 45 minutes of difficult child getting blasted. Luckily the school counselor was IN that conference. After we left she said, "I think difficult child is very bright, we would like to test him". And he was then promoted a grade. Still as put earlier he "floated" through everything. The most difficult thing is the teachers always want things done ONE way. We were told many times he processes information different. NOT wrong, just different. Although he could Ace the tests, and participate in class..he rarely did homework. Resulting in very poor organizational skills in middle school. And, in middle school you cannot pass a class if you do not do your daily work.

    He IS a class clown, often caused conflict with teachers. Then he felt he was being singled out, then the anger started....

    He is excited about the new High School next year. But I remember him being excited about Middle school too.

    He will be in more honors classes next year. He is also at a very high tech High School. Very small too. I have mixed feelings about that. He is happy and doing well right now. He feels he is being picked on by one teacher, but he says it is ok because she is pregnant and she is yelling one minute and crying the next. LoL. (unusual that a 13 year old realizes this)
  13. Marguerite

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    That high school sounds like a good choice for him - the technical focus in the curriculum could really be stimulating and the smaller size should make it easier to cope.

    Give him a hug for me, tell him his cyber auntie and cyber cousin (same age) are very proud of him. (and although I'm not Aboriginal, I respect Aboriginal culture and will tell you - for Aboriginal people, "auntie" generally = respected female elder, who should be heeded and who will look after you. My older kids' elementary school had an auntie on staff as "Community Liaison Officer". Even the principal gave way to her).

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    :yourock::dance::woohoo::yes:difficult child - you did good! We're all so very proud of you!

    kjs - wm always did better in the testing (he has a one on one reading him the questions with the testing & for wm it's oral testing. Also wm is in a room by himself - his testing takes about 3 weeks to complete. Once it's over, he scores very high. )

    Like your difficult child - it's not reflected in his grades.

    Be very proud of your son - you have every right to be. :bravo: