Can I brag?????

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    Wow. So it's been a whopping 9 years (ish) that I've been here on CD. Hard to believe.
    I am at a stage where I can BRAG about difficult child :) :) :)

    He's currently on probation for truancy. (His only ever criminal charge) He has NEVER skipped school. Ever. They charged him because he was being homeschooled and I refused to sign off on our rights to remain on the school boards list for purposes of supports through the Special Education program. It was a pee'ing contest that I refused to back down on. Poor difficult child was caught in the middle. he would have been found not guilty but the truance officer was such a brutal witch that difficult child walked into court (4th appearance over this mess) and told the judge "just give me probation so I can move on, this is all ridiculous". I couldn't argue with him. He's a juvenile so it won't be a permenant record or anything.

    So yesterday he had to go to his monthly probation appointment (the only term of his probation other than attend school and keep the peace). The probation officer loves him. He can't imagine why difficult child is going through his office when it is so out of line with our provinces laws and rights on homeschooling. They just yack away about politics and stuff and off difficult child goes for another month before his next 30 minute check in.

    So difficult child comes home from school yesterday with his interim report card. Now difficult child has not provided me a report card voluntarily since perhaps grade 3-4. He is a slacker as he hates the organized school system. He is very intelligent and loves to learn. He however hates the "dead time" where he isn't learning in class. He gets bored and has a hatred for mindless (to him) homework. Oh the fights that we had over homework!!! He even ended up placed in foster care many years ago following a violent meltdown re: homework.

    In marches my difficult child after school. He was to go straight to probation. Instead he routed himself back home before his appointment. He comes into the house WAVING his report card!!! All 6'2" of my difficult child literally BOUNCING like Tigger. A grin bigger than I've seen in years. Says "Oh Yeahhhhhhh!!! Who's the man?". Me: clueless.
    Okay, I'll play ... "What's up???"
    "Check it out! Betcha I get money for a iced cappucino outta you before my probation appointment"
    Hands me his report card. Points directly to the top right hand corner.
    "Say it out loud mom ... I promise it's not a prank".
    Me, outloud: 96%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I about fainted. He's been doing homework?? I"ve never seen him all year doing homework. All assignments in on time? Studying for tests and mid term exams?? When? How? He isn't just playing Halo 3 on his xbox in those long hours spent hiding in his room??? I swear not once have I seen him do work!!!

    I admit I had tears in my eyes. I'm so proud of him. He has not since about grade 2 come home excited about something cool he learned at school. This year and part of last year? Different kid. He comes in and talks to me about something he learned. He challenges his teachers. He talks in discussions in class. He is called on frequently in discussions in civics class, etc. He apparently has been studying and putting effort into his work. I kid you not, I had no idea. I've never even seen a single text book!!!

    He is excited for next year to end so he can move on, past high school. He is planning to stay local to attend our University. He has *gasp* .......... A PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a plan he's been sticking with, consistent with, and excited about!

    This is longer than needed, I could have said "HIS AVERAGE IS 96%" .... but I had to ... I mean HAD TO .... brag beyond that. I'm so impressed with this turn in him.

    Needless to say, he got a great big hug (and his money for a extra large iced cappucino!). This is also the kid that you couldn't say "good job" to, or any subtle compliment or praise, without him going postal and melting down into a rage.

    He left for class this morning with a "Bye mom, remember .... WHOSE THE MAN???" and a newly throaty chuckle.

    My boy is growing up. Heck, I'd say he's pretty darn grown !
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    YEAH!!!!! I'm so happy for you. Brag away my dear. We're all celebrating with you!!!
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    Great news! Yeah difficult child!!!! Way to go! -RM