can I get my ears pierced?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by amazeofgrace, Apr 18, 2008.

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    Is the "urgent" ? difficult child II called from hospital with yesterday. Not "I miss you" or "I am sorry" but "can I get my ears pierced"
    Ugh, nurse says he's going with the flow. Of course he is, no one has pushed his buttons yet is my guess.

    Finally called S2BX's family and let them know what was what. S2BX is in rehab and does not know yet. His Mom says she will see him 2morrow and will let him know.

    I am alone in a dark, and humid house on a Friday night. It feels weird. difficult child I is out with his girlfriend and my parents are in the city, so is the Pope, bad timing for them.

    Oh well, I still feel fried............
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    Don't you just wish you could spend a day in their heads to try and see their thought processes in action???

    Sigh... actually, having just spent a not so enjoyable afternoon recently reading thank you's psychiatric reports, his question kinda makes sense to me (uh-oh!!). Part deflection, part denial, part smokescreen. Focus on little, relatively meaningless things rather than deal with the issues at hand.

    Sorry you're still feeling frazzled. Try to take this time to enjoy the solitude. Bubble bath, good book, good beverage... maybe some candles? Self-care... you really need it! Hugs.
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    I agree with Sue. Take some time for you. It's hard, but try to relax and recharge. Hopefully they realize that many children honeymoon in the hospital. Hugs.