Can I just get a phone call????

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by slsh, Feb 20, 2008.

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    :grounch_day: I'm getting grumpy. Have been making calls since Friday with no returns. Panic is setting in because I know the hospital will call out of the blue to say "come get him" and we'll have nothing in place. He cannot go back to TLP because he's informed me that he has a "plan". Never a good sign.

    Those of you who have an in with the call-back entities, could you rattle a few beads? My nerves are shot and the crying jags are increasing in proportion to the lack of response I'm getting. husband is starting to get nervous.

    I cannot get the visual of the horrible physical state he was in out of my mind - it's probably the only thing that has kept me from dissolving into a permanent puddle. I *have* to find a safe place for him.

    :warrior:once again.
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    I too had been waiting for phone calls since Friday. I finally got called back late yesterday due to President's Day on Monday.

    Rattling beads you get your calls today.
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    rattling beads and doing the phone call rain dance for you!:hail:
  4. daralex

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    Rattling beads and doing the phone call rain dance too!!!
    Sorry for all your frustration! ((hugs))
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    rattling beads and doing naked phone call dance. Made ya laugh. I will do it in my swimsuit tho. I hope you do get a call back.
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    Sending call back vibes your way!!!

    I know what you mean. The last stay my difficult child had at the hospital was pointless. She had been there less than 8 hours and the "team" decided that she was stable and did not meat the criteria to be there so we spent the week fighting her discharge and making phone calls that were not returned...trying to set meetings that no one ever acknowledged that I asked for...and getting hung up on by the counselor when I asked about the treatment plan "what is it and don't I have to sign it?" In the middle of all of that, we were trying to get services in place for when difficult child would be coming home and not getting far because of the same call backs.

    good luck and hopefully someone will be calling you soon!!!
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911

    A FEW "LEARNED" phone tactics when dealing with the mental health world that may/help.

    ALWAYS start your conversation with "good morning" AND "May I HAVE YOUR NAME please?" then after the person gives their name - say "okay Sam, I'm taking some phone notes about our conversation" and they will usually say "Sure no problem" and then when the conversation is near completion say "Do you have a second to go over my notes I want to be sure that I have the time, date and that we are on the same page." THIS will usually let people know that you are really on tip top of your game.

    As a bonus a lot of times I will also say - after going over the "notes" that I have written about the conversation:
    1.) Okay what time today can I expect a call back from you?
    2.) Not today? Then by what time tomorrow? (write date and time of C/B)
    3.) And whom did you say your boss is?
    4.) Will you give me his/her number please - as if I do NOT hear back from you tomorrow/today I will leave a message with you and then I'll be calling your boss.

    If you get to call the boss - you have VERIFIED phone notes from "Sam" on this day, start this time - end conversation this time, and you discussed him/her getting back to you by THIS day/time - and he/she did not. You are a parent in a desperate situation with a mentally ill child and the added time is neither professional or appreciated.

    Currently due to my phone notes - EVERYONE in the state is back peddling - as I can pull out my transcripts and say - DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN YOU told me Dude would be receiving THIS type of care and did not - I do - that was Sept. 8th 2007, our conversation started at 10:00 and ended at 10:32. They can say "No I don't" and I can say "Well We did speak at this time on this date I repeated the information of our conversation back to you and said this concludes our call." THAT = they can't argue with - because I do it almost every time I deal with someone regarding Dude.

    It works good in lots of other places too -

    Sometimes quirks have their benefits.

    SLSH - I am so sorry you are NOT getting the calls back - But keep in mind - EVERYONE has a boss - you're just not getting high enough -

    If there is a way to Google the psychiatric hospital and get a list of the people who actually RUN the place or foundation people - call them. Tell them your situation - 1st they are in it to make money - second - they don't want calls like yours but are most times willing to make a few calls to get rid of you and you and thank you - come out on top.


    In addition to this - if you are calling a number - 555-1212 as the main number - a lot of times calling 555-1213 will put you through to a department and someone that doesn't know your voice will inadvertently put you through to that person.

    Another tip - When you call the switchboard - DO NOT EVER - say IS so and so in???? You call - and you SAY::: THIS IS MRS. SLSH I'm returning Ms. So and So's call.....because it isn't lying - you ARE returning a call - the one SHE should have made. And it sounds more like a business contact than a desperate parent - if you can block caller ID - do that they don't say "OH it's HER again - let it ring".
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    BestICan This community rocks.

    Wow, Star, I am impressed! That is GREAT advice.

    Fingers crossed for you, Sue.
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    We always had the direct line to the counselors office and didn't have to go through a switchboard. Only problem with that is that she never answered her voice mail:919Mad:. Same with our in home support people although they're much better now that we've actually gotten started. Not thrilled with the "service" they provide though.

    I agree whole heartedly on going to the admin. if you have to. We've done that before...its still an unresolved issue at this point. If you haven't done so, you can pick up a mental health or disability rights booklet from your state. They are provided in the waiting area of the hospital where my difficult child was. husband has read it cover to cover and has done lots of highlighting:D.
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    Progress. (Good grief, this stuff is mentally exhausting!)

    The power of the board comes through once again - suspect that nekkid dance crazymama did put us over the edge (one way or the other, LOL). :hawaii_girl:

    Found a bed in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) I had looked at in 2000 but had decided against because they had teens and thank you wasn't there yet. Been faxing my little heart out.

    Starbie - excellent suggestions but rather futile when voice mail refuses to respond to questions, LOL. My problem was in finding a real human being.

    May I say, once again, just for the record, that I have grown to have a really *intense* dislike of HIPAA. Called to get discharge summaries from 2005 hospitalizations. First off, 2 *weeks* to recall them because they're stored offsite. OMG, that's ridiculous. Secondly, I have to sign another authorization to release information to myself (and I wonder why I'm going round in circles) plus... how old is he again? Oh, well he'll have to sign too or you don't get them. Uh, not only no but ... no. He is not going to sign a thing for me right now. Fortunately, I have the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act memorized at this point, which is what HIPAA defers to, and he actually doesn't have to *sign* anything. He just has to be "notified", which I will do this evening, much to his dismay I'm sure.

    So, progress. I'm going up tomorrow to look at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) again. They will send intake worker down to hospital to interview thank you - worker has my deepest sympathy because he's absolutely torqued right now. Hopefully, by some miracle, this will be all lined up by the time doctor decides to discharge.

    Only thing left is to decide if he's going to go peacefully or if I am going to have to hire escorts. But that can wait a day or so (I hope).

    Yeah board powers for making this a very productive day here!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!:bow:
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    Goodness, glad that you finally got a hold of someone. I hope things go smoother from here. I am sending you a cyber pillow and blanket so you can take a nap (and in cyber land no one will bother's my fantasy and I am sharing it).

    Many hugs

  12. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Slsh -


    I think there will be an extra jewel in your Mommy crown.

    Oh and as far as the voice mail aspect - People will always crane their ears to hear a muffled message - like if you get voice mail - you cover the receiver partially and then say 'like you are trying to cover up your voice but failed and they got in on some HUGE secret" - (yell to invisible assistant) Can you get me BLAKJR#[email protected] 's the attorney's number 0- then like you are talking to assistant - I can't believe this is a professional organization and they are still not returning calls - but DO keep a log of the dates/times you called, write them down and with EVERY message you leave you say:
    This is Ms. So & So (no not really - give them your real name) I really KNOW a Ms. So & So but she spells it Sowensaugh . (like that did ya?)
    And then say I called you on Monday the 11th at 1:00, Tuesday the 12th at 1:00, Wed. the 13th at 1:00 and this will be my fourth message on Thursday the 15th at 1:00 - Could you please give me a call back to just let me know I've even gotten the right number - because I'm having a huge time believing this level of professionalism goes with a business that gets paid to handle disabled children. Thank you. (hang up)

    Glad you made some progress.

    You rock you little chicken liver dancer you......

    OMG - I kill me - (SNORT)

    LIVER DANCE - Not quite the luck of the Irish - but....
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    :why::2dissapointed::crazy2:Oh, geeez, Sue - get 2 days behind in reading & your thank you blows a gasket or 3! I know in the back of your mind you've seen this coming AND you had to give difficult child a chance to prove himself.

    But at what cost?

    Thank goodness you've found a lead! :thumbsup:

    Keeping all body parts crossed that thank you is accepted & the transition goes "relatively" smoothly.

    Again - sorry I missed this! by the way, isn't there some spa our husband's are supposed to be driving us to soon? For like 2 or 3 weeks respite? I'm pretty sure it was 3 weeks respite. And we come home relaxed to a month's worth of home cooked meals in the freezer, clean houses with newly waxed floors, the dogs bathed & litter boxes cleaned.

    I'm fairly sure that was part of the "contract" we had signed with our loving husband's. :couple::bow: We so deserve it.

    Take care my friend, catch up with you later.
  14. Wiped Out

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    I'm glad you finally reached someone-how frustrating to not have phone calls returned. Gentle hugs for your hurting warrior mom heart. Saying a prayer that this Residential Treatment Center (RTC) will work for thank you.
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    Fingers crossed and prayers being said that the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) fits the bill.
  16. smallworld

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    Sue, glad "the call" came through. Sending positive thoughts that all works out with the Residential Treatment Center (RTC).