Can medications work so fast??

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ryzgal, Jul 31, 2010.

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    Today is going so well. I can't decide if it's the calm before the storm, if the medications have actually started working so quickly (this is day 3), it's just the odds of having one day go well, or we are all working on the same page for once?
    I swear that normally I am not such a "Debbie Downer" but these last few weeks have the been the worst ever. And I feel like I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    DS woke up at a reasonable time, was semi pleasant, chatted with the family, wasn't overly nasty to anyone etc. Now, I will be honest, he wasn't asked to "do" anything so that might be part of it. But I did sit and chat with him about how he was feeling on his new medications, how his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) symptoms have been etc and he didn't seem to get all riled up about me being in his business, so I will take that as a win for the day :D
    You all don't mind if I celebrate on here for a bit? lol

    Thanks for letting me be honest and real everyone!
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    I don't recall what medications your difficult child was started on. Everyone reacts so differently and some medications act faster than others. Bearing that in mind I do have tid bits of what I have learned over time.

    1.If your difficult child is bi polar or a variation of a cycler he could very well just be cycling and in a more upswing.

    2.The placebo effect does exist but is very short lived so if it is that it would wear off pretty quickly, at least that's what I have seen. I wouldn't assume it is this though, just one possibility.

    3.Are you calmer now because of the help and maybe difficult child is picking up on that? If you are feeling more settled you may be harder to play games on.

    4. Yes, medications can work that fast depending on what medication. The general rule of thumb I have been told is that it can take two weeks to notice real differences because it takes that long for a therapeutic level to build up in the blood stream. Then the next month after that you start to see perhaps a little more of a leveling off and good benefits a bit at a time. That doesn't mean you can't get some benefit very quickly. It is possible. Fast acting medications would certainly kick in right away if they help difficult child sleep or with anxiety etc. Things like lorazepam can manage anxiety within a half hour, risperdal can help sleep the first night so like I said, depends on the medication.

    My difficult child is on slower acting medications and yes, I did see some slight rays of sunshine rather quickly. We did end up tapering down a dose because he needed less...that was a bit dodgy but we made it.

    My only advice is enjoy this peace regardless of the cause. If this is the right combination I am very very happy for you. As I mentioned my difficult child had ups and downs on medications until we got the right combination. If these medications work "too good" and end up needing adjustment in dosages or even type of medication try not to get discouraged. It generally is a process and those slips back can really knock the wind out of you. Again, congrats if you got it right from the start but please don't give up if it needs tweaking. If not now already you will get relief eventually. You are on the right track.

    Congrats also on a peaceful talk with difficult child!!!
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    Congrats so far! Finger crossed.
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    I'm new here and have no business giving advice but I have personally seen the placebo effect in action with my difficult child and my special needs son. Give it another couple days before calling victory. With that said, I truly hope the medications work well for your difficult child!!! *hugs*
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    When I started Lexapro, I could tell I was not irritated by things I normally found irritating the very first afternoon.

    It lasted the whole time I was on it.

    I have been told it works more quickly on anxiety than depression and that it takes a long time and a higher dose for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
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    Whatever the reason I'm glad he had a good day. Fingers crossed.
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    medications for ADHD can work to full effect in half an hour or less.