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    trigger Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) symptoms? I have noticed minor things from difficult child for a couple years now but things seem to have become so much worse since he hit puberty. easy child/difficult child has only really been displaying behaviors since he hit puberty. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen with any of their difficult child's and their diagnosis's. easy child/difficult child is becoming more Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)-like by the day. I'm afraid to admit it but it might be time for me to admit I have 2 difficult child's. UGH.
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    Never heard of anything like that. In some ways my son seemed to become less Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) as he hit puberty - just more aware of other ppl, but in other ways, he got more rigid - like how he deals with his sisters.

    As far as your easy child/difficult child, what new behaviors are you seeing? if it's the listed ones becoming more intense, then I think it's just the listed ones going through puberty.
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    my daughter has gotten new symptoms with her Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) as she's gotten older and yes, puberty horomones have triggered some new ones as well as brought back some older ones that we thought we were past. she has developed a real dislike for other peoples needs like people eating near her or heaven forbid someone pass gas in her presence. if you think it may be developing into something worse it is probably worth getting it checked out. it could be that stress is bringing out characteristics that were already there but were much milder.
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    What kind of behaviors are you referring to?

    Many of us with difficult children don't necessarily see brand new behaviors at puberty, rather an intensification usually calling for medication adjustments because of the hormone/growth stuff that goes along with puberty. I know that for us, it was definitely an intensification that required a medication change and some "serious talking"!

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    They aren't so much new behaviors but an extreme increase in what used to be very minor little things. difficult child's frustration tolerance has decreased significantly and his rgidity seems to have gotten worse. As for easy child/difficult child, he is really starting to struggle with the black/white thinking and literal interpretations of things which never used to be an issue very often. His frustration tolerance has also decreased a bunch and his reactions have become much more immature.

    All of these things were there but not to anywhere near the degree they are now. Just curious if puberty has anything to do with the increase or if typical teen is just mixing in there somewhere now. It has gotten more stressful in our house.
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    Puberty causes all sorts of problems. For example...

    1) hormones plus medications = total confusion. If medications are involved, it might be time to re-check dosage and/or rx.

    2) teen hormones + parent hormones = war! even if you're just peri-menopausal, it can really mess things up.

    3) we're so used to all the problems being "problems", that we forget that teenager + hormones = at least parenting headaches for most and nightmares for some... so, why should we get off the hook just because our kids have "other problems" too???

    So... the whole passing gas thing? the most normal person in our household at this point in time is 12... raging hormones, but "normal"... and boy, do "smells" really set her off. Happen to cook broccoli on a day when she doesn't feel like eating it? Hooo Boy. (she usually likes it, but...) Someone passes gas??? WAR. So of course, "brother" does it just to see her erupt... just like any normal brother would.
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    I think it's likely the stress fueling certain behaviors that may have previously lied dormant. In some ways manster is more Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and in some ways less. My safest bet is to keep my mouth shut around his friends and to NEVER discuss him in any way, even if it is to praise achievements with adults. He is highly embarassed and gets mad at me often.
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