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    difficult child: On 5 mg of Zyprexa in evening, been a week on the medication now.

    Last couple days: difficult child pretty flat, what I would see as a moody look on his face is just an absence of anything. Although he is simple enough to manage he lost some of his more positive symptoms. difficult child has always been a clown and just a generally silly guy when he isn't seeing red. He was over the top and didn't know when a joke stopped being funny but still, pleasant. I thought it was part of who he is not a symptom of his diagnosis. So, I'm kind of wondering who he really is beyond his diagnosis right now and feeling sad that he may change the things I liked about him. I can't say the zyprexa is sedating him though. His chronic lethargy seems to be under control so he isn't "gone" in that sense.

    Last night: In an effort curb chore stress and to give a choice I told difficult child IF he wanted to do chores he could earn time on his 4 wheeler. (for the following day, we were already up until 10:30 playing board games) I told him it was totally up to him and if he didn't want to do the cores no problem. We went over what he still had to do before bed. (feed cat, brush teeth ect.) difficult child then rattled off a list of chores he wanted to do then, which was nearing 11 p.m. I told him he should wait because his energy may not be such a great thing and he should keep a bedtime routine for his own good, he sort of agreed but commented on being happy because having energy is so rare for him. I just mentioned that energy is nice but mid day is preferable to almost midnight.

    Mind you, this is a kid who despises chores and usually crashes and goes to bed at a good time of night. If we keep him up late by accident he is a beast the next day. He NEEDS his beauty sleep in the worst possible way. You should also note that difficult child has some motor skill issues so when he tries to be quiet at stuff he still sounds like a herd of elephants on stampede across my house.

    I heard something several minutes after what I assumed should have been lights out. Told husband to go see what difficult child was up to. He "caught" difficult child under the kitchen sink. Apparently he had to put something away and decided it was a mess and had proceeded to reorganize everything.:surprise: Under the sink?!?!?!? That has never been a chore of his, ever. (nothing to get high on hiding under there and that isn't his "thing" anyway)

    While I realize a kid who is eager to organize and clean a house should be a blessing, lol, I know this cannot be good. In a weeks time on the medication he has gone from clownish and cranky to flat and symptoms by the way. NEVER had these symptoms before. So now I am totally freaked out about the next couple weeks as this medication comes up to full speed.

    His regular psychiatrist was already not too excited about the zyprexa. Have an appointment on the 18th, may have to call Monday though if the weekend keeps being strange. She may have to undo what the psychiatric hospital psychiatrist did and we may have to go back to square one, the medications he was already on and in the process of adjusting, the adjusting that we had a mishap (accidental missed doses) that landed him in the psychiatric hospital.:sick: Only this time we are doing another from scratch instead of psychiatric hospital psychiatrist being patient with the process we had already almost smoothed over last time.

    Irony- The part where I want to bang my head against a wall because I was right all along...
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    These moods and accompanying symptomology can definitely be freaky to a parent looking at it. Sorry the medications aren't doing what they're supposed to.
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    So I'm assuming he's only taking Zyprexa right now, is that correct? Now that it looks like the Zyprexa is heping his negative mood, it's probably time to add something to address the mania. (You didn't think you'd get away with just ONE medication, did you? LOL)

    Also, not sticking to a regular bedtime can aggravate hypomanic issues. And as you've seen, your guy really needs his rest. My vote would be to stick to a regular bedtime, even if he is 16, simply because his brain needs the sleep and everyone will pay for it the next day if he gets off his schedule. Just my 2 cents.

    I would call Monday anyway just to report his burst(s) of energy. That's definitely a warning flag. I hope it doesn't worsen!
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    It's not that Zyprexa causes mania -- it actually treats mania. But the dose may not be high enough, or the Zyprexa may not be enough on its own. In other words, he may need another medication to augment Zyprexa. I agree with gcvmom that you need to report the symptoms you're seeing to the psychiatrist as soon as possible.
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    hi. i'm with everyones' thoughts on that as well. and yes i'm with you mania can be strange to watch when it hits. your just like what huh.....?? also alot of times there is zero build up and a hit can just go into it. yea smalls' right zyprexa does address mania. i've learned a little about the medication. it's probably not high enough.

    good luck hang in there. well at least under your sink is organized. :) small attempt at humor. when my difficult child was really manic and able to focus thru it id' have her clean out her entire room and my refrigerator. sounds sick yet i had to work something to my advantage in all this craziness :)

    hang in there!!! :)
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    I definitely agree with calling the psychiatrist tomorrow. Sending gentle hugs your way.