Can we talk about psychiatrists?

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    Before I waste too much time and energy please tell me if there is such a thing as a psychiatrist who actually sits and listens and takes the time to go over allll the history with a real, genuine intent to help?

    I told my son's counselor why we were taking him to a new psychiatrist...because the first one we took him to talked to him for just a few min., scribbled a bunch down on paper and sent us on our way with medication. I didn't feel like he really had a grasp at what was going on with my son. We were very hesitant to medicate difficult child but he was suicidal (at the time) and so we went ahead and gave it to him. This was a couple years ago and so now we find ourselves in a situation where we need to find another psychiatrist for a medication change and I wanted to get a good one. The counselor looked at me and said, that's how most psychiatrists do it. He said most have been doing it so long it's just 2nd nature to them and know right away what medication might help.

    I feel like my difficult child has more going on and I want someone to take the time to figure it out! Am I being naive?
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    In my experience, a doctor who listens and/or reads the chart is fairly rare. Most docs that I have met seem to make snap jugments...

    We FINALLY found a doctor who takes the time to thoroughly review all the notes at every single visit. There was a very long waiting list to get in to see him...and no wonder! This small bit of attention makes a big difference.

    You may have to search a long while...but good, attentive docs are out there. Keep looking!
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    A 5-minute appointment is very common around here. We found one psychiatrist that did both therapy and medication management but we could only afford him for a brief time as our insurance didn't cover him. He was nearing retirement and still believed that doing both was important. Maybe you can find either a fresh-out-of-medication-school doctor who doesn't have a large patient base yet or a near retirement want to make a difference psychiatrist??

    Our current psychiatrists spend 45 minutes with a new patient and then it is 5 minutes unless you are in crisis, then you will get 10-15 minutes. Every 3 years or so, they do another 45 minute appointment if the therapist feels it would help.
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    We're very fortunate to have our children see psychiatrists who do integrated care -- 50-minute weekly appointments for therapy AND medication management (no separate tdocs). I know it's rare, but in our large metropolitan area, they do exist. It's made a huge difference in obtaining accurate diagnoses and mood stabilization.
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    Many of us have been where you are now. Unfortunately the five minue psychiatrist still abounds. Like others who were successful I had to network and network before I found an awesome (also older and nearing retirement) psychiatrist who sees
    us for 45 to 50 minutes. We all love him and wish he was closer than the two hour drive.

    Insurance coverage has turned into a problem with out beloved psychiatrist but the years we had him available were very, very
    valuable to us. It's worth searching. in my humble opinion you will never have resolution without that type of expert. Good luck. DDD
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    Our psychiatrist sees us for 45 minutes each time. Now it's every 3-4 months, but for a while it was monthly. I provide telephone updates in between.

    We had a referral from therapist and still had to wait a few months for an appointment, but it was worth it.
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    I've seen a lot of psychiatrists in my life and so has my kid. I'm not impressed with most I've seen. Two were excellent, but they were from top notch university hospitals. I had some serious psychiatric issues so I've had to see some bad ones when I moved or the good ones moved (a lot of times psychiatrists go from one city to another one far away). I prefer NeuroPsychs for evaluating and am suspicious of any psychiatrist who throws too many medications at one person, especially a child. Another thng: I found that no two psychiatrists saw me the same way and I got a ton of different It's a very inexact science. See a neuropsychologist for diagnosing. Watch out that any psychiatrist you see doesn't prescribe a medication for every symptom. Or change all the medications at one time. Or do it too quickly; that messes with your body chemistry and your mind. Can't tell you how it hoovers to feel drugged up and a child can't explain feeling drugged. JMO
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    Our PODC's have all seen us for at least 30 minute apts. unless they were just for medication checkups, and these were for more frequent apts.
    Our current psychiatrist sees us now for about 30-45 minutes depending on how long we talk...
    We decide how long we make the apt for. When I search for the psychiatrist we ask how the apts will go, we first see our psychiatrist without K and then all of us go in for a long at least hour apt.
    I know it is hard to find a good one and it depends on where you are. It also depends on your insurance.
    Our insurance is pretty good.
    We also see our therapist once a week. Our psychiatrist as often as K needs it.
    My psychiatrist is always 30-45 minutes as well. We live in a place of about 1 million... but even when we lived in Spokane, Wa. Our psychiatrist's saw us as long as was needed.

    Our psychiatrist now is affiliated with our teaching University but she has her own Office.
    Also our psychiatrist's mine and K have even worked with us when we moved until we found another, via e-mail.
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    We have seen both. For the last few years all that we have really wanted was the 5 min psychiatrist. We, and Wiz, are well aware of what he needs, medications do NOT need to be messed with unless he cannot sleep again, then we up one medication a teeny bit. At first we did NOT see the 5 min docs. Even if they scheduled us for 5 min I had more to talk about. I had one doctor who told me my appointment was up about 3 min after I came in, basically it was a pat on the head, three new rx's, and have a nice day, call in six week, come back in four months. I sat. I said that I had questions and needed answers. I think I made him run about five appts behind that day.

    You are going to have to network with other parents to find the best psychiatrists. Or just don't get out of that chair until your questions have been answered. Docs may not like it, but usually they will answer your questions. I have only had one who flat out said that the appointment was up and if I wanted to ask questions I had to make longer appts. He was very unhappy when I pointed out that I did not have any power over how long the appointment was scheduled - his people did that. I just had to do what was best for my kid, and it was best for my kid to have my questions answered.

    YOUR attitude plays a big part in how they treat you. Many psychiatrists are in such a rush, with so many patients to see, that they forget that not everyone can fit everything into 5 mins. There have been quite a number of times that a 5 min psychiatrist got annoyed because I did not get up when they did their moves to hurry my out. If the psychiatrist isn't willing/able to take time to see/speak to you for as long as you need, ask when he will be able to go over the history fully, as he has missed things and you are aware that your child may be more complicated than most.

    Not all psychiatrists are like this, but many seem to feel very powerful and like they can tell parents what to do. The arrogant attitude can be good if they are fighting for your child, but if they are just using it to rush appts, it is wasted. You have to meet it with your own attitude that says you respect the doctor but you are your child's advocate and you ARE going to cover all that you intend to. It can go a LONG way with getting psychiatrists to slow down an pay attention to your child and your question.

    There is a chance that someone here lived/lives near where you are. You can look at the locations the rest of us list for where we live and send a PM to anyone who lives near you. Or you may want to put up a post asking for anyone who lives/lived/knows a good psychiatrist near X state or X town to send you a PM. Mostly we do not live close enough to each other to meet or to share docs, but sometimes we do. I know an awesome developmental pediatrician and one member lives in another state with-in driving distance, so she took her son to him because docs in her area were not helpful. Things like that can work out if we know where you live, even just the general area.

    I am sorry you are having troubles finding a good psychiatrist.
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    k they all sux!! lol ok i'm just joking...........

    small by the way that's amazing the set up you have!!

    our last pyschiatrist that we were with for a very long time ten min. at best and half the time didn't know her name. very scarey.

    they are out there, wishing you luck im on the search as well right now. they are out there you have insurance can you check through them
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    We have had one psychiatrist that did my daughter's therapy, too. Even when he wasn't her therapist, he took the time he needed to figure things out. There was frequently a long wait in the waiting room and he billed by the hour. So, if our appointment was supposed to be 15 minutes and took 30, we paid twice the fee. But, it was worth it. We also had to pay out of pocket.

    We have had two others that spend about 15 minutes just for medication management. They will discuss issues but that is not their primary goal.

    I have found that most of our favorite doctors do not take insurance. I think it is because they want to spend the time needed and can't make enough money if they can only charge the insurance rate which only allows for a certain amount of time. If you can afford it, you could maybe find a good one by looking for one that doesn't take insurance.