Can we talk LOGICALLY about men?

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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911

    are YOU laughing yet? Oh I am. I yam I yam I yam. I had to leave the house today and when I did? I just said 'YUP you too'. NOT my typical leaving greeting. I'll splain to you - lol.

    Our refrigerator/freezer (got to put that freezer in there because it HAS a freezer in it you know, you can't just call it a fridge around a man -strike #1) --I'll be listing these as I go mk? M.K.~ The mood I left in; I could list them phonetically as (steeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrike ONE) and then add the body language like a NY Yankees umpire going full bore behind home plate. DIdn't star off that way, but by strike three? He's lucky he didn't get hit with my bat or glove, and if I chewed tobacco? I just kept thinking - I'm a camel, I'm a camel, I'm a camel.

    So our refrigerator/freezer has been on the fritz, freezer side for a year. Not so much the freezing part at all, but it does things on it's own. The bottom will completely ice up and then you can't pull the basket out. So I end up chipping away at it ever so delicately with a screwdriver to get all the chunks of ice out, so I can remove the basket and the contents - usually all freezer burned. Then by the time I do? Most of the other things are 1/2 thawed. Has to be done, it's a chore, and I don't like it. Other weird things it does is intermittently stop making ice, then it will make TONS of ice and not stop, open the door and it's an avalanche, or it will not give you cubes but only crushed ice. I swear it's possessed by a snowbeast ghost. Still - it's always kept food frozen. Until today. But to avoid chipping the ice out of the bottom I turned the dial down one notch thinking maybe it would just melt enough for me to remove the basket and pull out a hunk of ice, wipe it down and turn the air back up to freezing. (I;m thinking pretty clever) Most food stays cold, I don't damage freezer, I get the ice out with very little work and no damage to the inside of the freezer. (pretty proud of me)

    So out into the den comes a bellowing DF. "DID YOU MESS WITH THE CONTROL ON THE FREEZER?" I said "Well yeah I turned it down one notch I was going to take that basket out and de ice the bottom." (how proud will be be of my cleverness??? huh? Huh?? "Well YOU MESSED IT ALL UP NOW, NOTHING IS FROZEN AND EVERYTHING IS MELTED - YOU RUINED ALL THE POPSICLES!! And he says this while holding TWO boxes of popsicles that are just dripping ALL OVER a freshly mopped kitchen floor! (Steeeeeeeeeeeerike TWO!!!) Okay I get that things are melted but WHY are you showing me all over the floor? UGH. Get a trash can DF! Well this is just ridiculous Star! RIDICULOUS. (STeeeeeeerike THREE!) "It's NOT ridiculous, I didn't turn it down but one notch it should not be melting like that, I put it on one notch below factory setting!!"

    So I get up and look and sure enough - Everything is melting and the blower motor? NOT running. No heat coming from the bottom like normal....NOthing running that I can hear like a compressor or fan......I'm thinking fridge is kaput. I'm not an appliance repair man....but it IS ten years old. And it WAS stuffed in a hole too small to get air for YEARS and no one would EVER help me push it out to vacuum anything....even though I begged. But Well OF COURSE it is MY fault that the thing is NOT working now because ONE time in TEN YEARS I turned A KNOB ONE notch. YUP YUP YUP...This of course, was not spoken it was insinuated. WHAT LOGIC is there in that thinking? WHAT small % of logic is there in his mind that can even stretch ( ) far and reason =yesterday the refrigerator / freezer was working a setting knob was turned one notch lower and NOW the whole thing is kaput - must have been her knob fiddling? IN WHAT UNIVERSE would that ever make sense?

    Then as I'm leaving because I figure better to drive around than to discuss this ridiculous notion - he says "Oh you're leaving? Well what are WE going to do about the refrigerator freezer? BOY did I have some answers...NONE of which I cared to share with him at that particular moment and still have a Christian woman's mouth. But I suggested calling the appliance repair man. Which took on another completely logical conversation. To which I tossed him the checkbook and said "You know what? YOU handle something for a change. I'm outta here."

    Tonight? MY logic won out. Appliance guy STARTS house calls around $90 - mk ----fridge is $10 years old - NEW ones start around $600 - YOU DO THE MATH.....Parts could be well over $300......

    I suggest we go to Kmart or LOWES or SEARS.........check the scratch and dent sales......or the trader paper.....I nearly passed out when he said - THAT MAKES SENSE.
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    Sorry to hear your tragic tale, Star :)
    Serious question: do you have LETS in the States? Or Freecycle? Both potential ways to get a nice working fridge for little or no money...
  3. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Starbie....honey....I am afraid if I allow myself to say anything today in response to the men we live could be used against me in a court of law at a later time.

    So I am sending a hug, and refraining from anything else.
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    I cannot response, on the grounds that it may incriminate me.

    Many hugs.
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    Star, not only is the refrigerator kaput but your brain is fried. How do I know ths? Because you used the word "men" and "logically" in the same sentence. Now, I know you like jokes .... but REALLY? How are we supposed to put these two things together seriously?

    Sorry about the fridge (sorry, refrigerator/freezer). Good luck.
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    Glad he finally saw the light (maybe the one in the refrigerator part, or is that not working either?)

    If you have a credit card for any of those stores (or can get one), they almost all do a 'same as cash' if paid in 6 months. Makes it easier to stretch the finances. And while I'm not a big fan of extended warranties, it might be worth getting. My new washer broke down 2 months after warranty expired. Fortunately the manufacturer decided to cover the part for me but I still had to pay the labor. $135 labor, part would have been $250 and I only paid 600 for the machine.

  7. Malika

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    I got Cory a fridge off freecycle once but it is so hit or miss it might be awhile before you can get one but definitely throw out a help me ad right away. Also check craigslist. I have been looking for a dishwasher and an electric stove with the eyes - not the ceramic top. My ceramic top has only one burner still working and I am so done with it...cost more to replace the eyes than to buy a new one...argh! And its only 4 years old too...its burners have been going out now for almost 2 years...right after the warranty ran out!

    I have seen a ton of fridges on the craigslists' around here.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Well here's the thing - You ALL have husbands, kids, friends and neighbors that will HELP you get something somewhere. I have....NO ONE. NADA, ZIP, ZOOEY...fooey. IF I get something? I HAVE to have free delivery and install. This is NOT going to be Craigslist (although I thank you all from the bottom of my appreciative heart for the help- it means a lot more than you know)

    DF can barely walk. SO the thought of trying to "trailer" or "Load" anything past a gallon of milk? not happening. And I could do it myself but then we get into the whole 'you emasculate me' conversation and I"m not going there anymore than I'm debating that a fridge is a refrigerator freezer. To which someone had to point to a sign in Lowes tonight with his cane - that read Refrigerator Freezer - to which I almost took the cane out of his happy, little hand and - I mean........To which the cane slips out of his hands and somehow he hit himself over the head repeatedly while slipping on a wet spot in the floor. When he said "Well do you think a 20 cubic foot friidge would be enough room for us? My reply - stifing that womanly chuckle ???? Batting my eyelashes???? "I dunno......get it......promise I'll open the door back up.

    Yup mutt's right - fried.
  10. HaoZi

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    Men? Logic? Surely you jest!
  11. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    It's so hot.....Star's brain connected the words men and logically.



    That's another thread isn't it?
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    Marcie Mac Just Plain Ole Tired

    I feel your pain. Our fridge is on its last legs - The freezer side at times freezes up, and I am chipping the ice with a screwdriver as well - the regular side, well, doesn't get cold at times. Its terminal - I know a dying fridge when I see one. I am at one with my fridge so I know when I hear it make a certain noise, its in its death throe's. This is my fault because I either had the control up to "Too Cold" or I had the contol down to "Normal" or I "Played with the Control" or I either had "TOO MUCH FOOD in there or "NOT ENOUGH FOOD" in there or I had it pushed back where air didn't get to flow. Thankfully I said "absolutely not" when we got it to Danny, who wanted to hook up the water so we could have ice cubes (which means he would have to tear up my floor, and drill a trench to run the line across the kitchen) or I would probably have the same ice cube problem as you do

    We are going out tonight to look for a new one and another side by side is off the table - it will be a top freezer or a bottom drawer freezer. I have yet to see the boys open the fridge and use just one door - they have to open both at the same time - even if the only wanted to use ketchup. Pulling the doors open like they are going to make some grand entrance - and then they hang there for a while

    Yeah, men are really logical....NOT

  13. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Well, just so you know, some folks on craig's list are nice enough to deliver for you. sister in law is like that for people who have no way to transport if they're not that far.

    And as far as men? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    My frig is almost 10 yrs old. It has not once been pulled out so I can do the cleaning thing. husband tells me he's too afraid it will tear the tile. omg Really? Funny, did that every 6 months with my mom and we managed never to tear the floor. I don't even want to know what is back there.

    Is the frig side working? Cook up the food that thawed and stick it in the frig. If you get a working freezer soon enough, freeze the cooked food. Hopefully that will keep you from losing so much.

    husband is about to go get me my freezer this weekend. MY freezer cuz I'M paying for it. It's going where I want it to go too, in the kitchen, where I can keep an eye on it.

    When you get the new one, avoid the ones with the freezers in the bottom. I've hated mine since the first time I loaded it up. I fit more into the tiny freezer up top a frig than I've ever managed to fit into the bottom freezer because you have to slide the darn thing out.......too full, it doesn't slide.
  14. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Or get a separate deep freeze unit if you can find a reasonably priced used one?
  15. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I don't think I've EVER used the words "logical" and "men" in the same sentence.

    Oh wait! YESSSS I HAVE!!!

  16. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Gcvmom said what I was thinking. My mother has told me for YEARS that testosterone kills brain cells. Women have such low amounts that our brains are mostly healthy and men get all that testosterone and it leaves them damaged.
  17. AnnieO

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    Actually, my Dad is reasonably logical. But he's not normal. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

    Put out a call for help on craigslist and freecycle, and I bet someone would help with delivery.
  18. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I have said for years, we have research funding for cures for cancer, autism, asthma, everything BUT that danged Y chromosome...and that thing affects over half the population, and the other half LIVES with someone (or many) that are affected by it!

    (for the record, the men who are here on the board should be research subjects, because the very fact that they had a problem and went digging on the internet to find a solution and found us, by nature, means that somehow, they are immune or have been healed...)
  19. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    I'm not commenting on men. Sorry....this is not the best month for me to give input. Understatement!

    Regarding the refrigerator Hve you tried taking the frozen foods out and stashing them in a cooler of ide for awhile...and then using a blow dryer (from a distance) to melt out the unwanted ice? I remember doing that a few decades ago when in a similar situation and it worked.

    In addition to the other suggestions I might add Habitat For Humanity Stores, Salvation Army stores etc. Around here they deliver, put in place and remove the old appliance. It's not unusal to have very nice working appliances (and furniture) from upwardly mobile families who are remodeling.

    Men??? Nope, not going there. DDD
  20. Star*

    Star* call 911

    SO I leave DF in "CHARGE" of the repair man. THe guy comes in - pulls out the fridge......and is in there for about 20 minutes. Comes out - leaves. I am out mowing. DF comes out and says "Well he thinks it is just a (names part) =aren't you pround Msgtang? RELAY.

    I said "Oh sounds inexpensive." THen I said "Did you tell him about the water pooling on the freezer bottom? DF looked at me and said "Well, no I forgot to tell him that." I said "OH Well I figured he needed to know why the whole thing started, with me monkeying around with the controls and wrecking the freezer and all - that's why I turned the knob down -remember. You don't think that's an integral part of him repairing the fridge?" :)no answer). THen I said "Well are you going to get him to look at the motor for the ice maker and ask him why it only makes crushed and not cubed ice? I know that has been a big problem for you and you'd like to get that taken care of right?" You did tell him about that! DIdn't you? DF looked at me and says "WELL lets just let him get through making it get cold first."

    Ah in other words.....he just let the guy in and he just pointed and said "There it is. IT's not cold." THen walked out. And when he leaves NOTHING else will get fixed." OH BOY. So Glad I left you in charge of this project. Grrrrrrrrr

    So I finished mowing the field - come in and start cleaning the thing - which was sorta a waste because as it turns out - the machine is SHOT. Now we have to find a new one. NO biggie - at least when it's hauled out? People will not think we are pigs. Nice clean defunct fridge. NOt nearly as hard to off load as 1/2 a ship -

    So there was $100 dollars wasted. There is a used appliance man down the road and we're going to check with him.

    Our discussion at Lowes last night? (Tapes mouth shut) It started off with - See? They really do have scratch and dent fridge/freezers for $600.00 and ended with "Well do you really NEED an ice dispenser?" Just more **** to go wrong on a unit, how often DO YOU USE that anyway?" Gosh I don't know.....I only drink ice water all day every day for the last 10 I'm not sure. Let's ask someone who's observant of my habits. (argh) OH dfid you say I can reach in the freezer and fill my cup by hand with ice? Sure - with Raynauds that's no problem. ahahah. Love frostbit hands several times a day.

    Just a few more days of this and KAPOW alice -------TO DA MOON! I think junk like this must stress him out to the hilt. I'm just cruising along and said "OKay so Im home....are we going to go check out some used appliance stores? And he said "TODAY???? I GOT ICE." and I did a golf clap and kept right on going through the house and came here to type out my frustrations while he is in the kitchen.....digging through the cooler finding us something to eat. Thank GOD we have rifles if it gets any worse? He'll have to apply for a tag and shoot dinner on the hoof! Then I know exactly what my new winter coat will look like! EEEeeh ghads.

    Marcie - I hope you have better luck. I'm so over this - lol.

    I did check with Salvation ARmy and will check Habitat tomorrow D3 - but they don't even load it in your car here. FOR GET IT. Not a single bit of help. ZIP NADA. I do have a car trailer.....which is good, but I'm not sure I can get the fridge 3 ft. up a ramp off the ground......I better eat my wheaties tomorrow! Wear a back brace and say an extra prayer to the Aleve Godz.