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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Soooo,(As my 4yo N would say in her Shelbytucky accent)
    In the past week and a half since husband has been home. He has an acute case of Gout... can't walk. He will not go see doctor. OK
    I have had to unload out pick up full of dirt, mow and weed our 1 1/4 acre yard.
    We put up a new fence and landscaping (curb appeal) to sell her, great now that we are moving it looks nice!!!
    So the old fart next door ( the state rep) has had his newspaper box in our yard since we moved in, now with landscaping it is in the way... we have talked 2x... nicely.
    newspaper driver keeps taking out our landscaping, so husband RIPS out the newspaper pole and throws it on neighbors lawn!!! (So not my husband)

    Neighbor tries to say he is disappointed in us using too much of our yard for landscaping... and he doesn't want his yard messed up by the driver!!! husband got into it with him... every point was valid. We gave neighbor extra space on his side so he would not keep hitting our fence! everyone thinks it looks wonderful, before it was a 3 foot chain link broken fence. So after a yelling match, husband flat out told him. NO...

    The neighbors treat us like dirt because we are the newest here and the youngest. So when we got home yesterday, neighbor was MOVING the box!!!
    He fully admitted he was wrong. He is also going to stop putting his garbage out on our yard also!!!
    We also thought we had a leak under our sink, awful stench... called plumber. Ended up being a dead mouse!!! So no plumber bill...

    mother in law has made more dumb comments to me about how I am unapproachable and flat out lied about me not writing her... I actually tried to write her and told her all about how K was doing. She didn't like the truth so she didn't reply. husband was not going to respond to her and just let it go. I basically told him he HAD to talk to his Mom or at least address all of this. I was so proud of him, I just wanted him to realize that I am his wife and he needs to let his Stepdad and his Mom know that they can not do this anymore. They do not put up with it for themselves and would protect each other fiercely.
    So he did, he stood up for me!!! He called his Mom out on all of it. She of course denied it all. But it made me feel so good!!!
    I am sorry I have not been around, K has been pretty violent. We went and did a blood draw on yesterday, she did GREAT. EMLA and 1/2 a Diazapam... Awesome.
    School is out in 2 weeks, I am holding a end of school and early Birthday for K, her first party!!! We have lost of family visiting before we move, which will make the packing hard.

    I think K's Depakote is working a little bit?!?!?
    I will try to catch up with my reading, ASAP.

    OH and I bought, BOOM BLOX!!! For WII... I am addicted. This is the coolest game. husband and I have sat up 2 nights in a row playing... we had a GC... best purchase ever!!!
    So that's it the good and the bad...
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    Hey, Cloe! Wow! What a lot of info! Your neighbor thought it was ok to put his garbage in your yard because he didn't like how it looked in his own? You're kidding me! I'm glad he got his head out of his hoo-haw!

    I have to tell you, if it were me and I was doing all of the work because hubby had gout that he wouldn't get treated, the level of discomfort he was feeling from my ripping him a new one would make it well worth his while to go see the doctor!

    Sorry about mother in law. She's obviously toxic. I'd leave her up to hubby from now on, and ignore her. She's not ever going to support you in any way and no matter what you say or do she will find fault with it. So why give her ammo?

    Which Wii are you playing? You'll have to send me your Wii ID so that I can make you a Wii buddy and we can play! Have you (or anyone else) done the Wii Fit? We liked the original Wii Sports best. I thought about getting the Wii Fit for about a minute until I realized that there was no way that I could do it myself, and that husband wouldn't get off his duff to do it in a million years...

    Hope the house sells!
  3. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Witz it is the new Spielberg "Boom Blox" I read about it in Time and Newsweek!!! I am seriously not a video game person... but WII is getting me hooked!!!
    You are right about the mother in law junk... husband has tried to help out... but it makes his foot worse! Which makes me annoyed. The medications for the Gout just rip up his stomach. Diet needs to be revamped again...
  4. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    I have to admit, if I ever had to make a drastic change in my diet I think I would jump out of my skin. I'm fine making a change here and a change there, but there's no way in heck I could possibly change it all at once!
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Toto -

    All I can say about the paper box issue is it was FAR better for husband to throw it in that mans lawn than where I would have put it. DID I see some mention of hoo haw? yeah that would have been it.

    As far as the dead mouse - yuk. and p.u.

    As far as gout? that is such an awful thing. Hugs for your perserverence with sick man. I hate sick men.

    As far as curb appeal? Nice - pretty for moose to eat.

    As far as wii? Have no idea what that is but sounds fun.

    As far as K? Hugs for her and N.

    And as far as taking me to the mountain with you? I'm ready.

    As far as good bye? Cya. :laugh:
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    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    Been thinking about you...yikes, if it's not the cat it's the dog!