Can you all rattle some beads for my boy-0?

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    No sooner did he arrive in his new town after moving out a few weeks back, but there was a massive oil spill just outside his town. My aunt just called asking if I'd heard today from him because there was a series of out control wildfires in that region and his small town was mentioned. Turns out one third of a town same size as his town is gone, the fires are still burning and even some towns are stuck with all outgoing highways closed. Initially from one fire there were evacuees sent to his town, but now the pipeline at his town has shut down even the oil spill clean up due to evacuations, and I'm unsure how close that particular fire is to his town. Must be some close to be using evacuation terms for his immediate area, but I can't find news about the residents right in town. Nor can I find out just how close the fire is or the cascading smoke. I know that they are bringing in forest fire fighters from my province and other provinces to help try to get these fires under control. His town lies in what would be a tinder box should a fire enter the town. it is located in a small valley, divided by a river. Population under 7,000. Carved out of a small piece of nature the town is really. He and his g/f just moved into the house she purchased, just a few days back actually. They were out of town 2 hours away last night when he called to say he was at a family function of his g/f's, but they were driving home late last night. Odds are they didn't even know a fire was raging let alone so near by. I did read a nearby native reserve was evacuated, and from his prior calls I have learned this reserve is more commonly considered more a part of their town than a outlying community, so it tells me it is very close.

    I'm a worry wart. I'm sure he's fine. I just hate that they have to wait a week for internet, and I've just read a article saying some cell networks were down due to the fires so not everyone can get a signal. They have no land line, only his g/f's cell. He's still waiting for their small time to get a shipment of iphones to get set up on his own phone contract. Ugh!

    If you could all rattle beads, I'd sure appreciate it. The pipeline shut down and cleanup shut down due to evacuations is right outside of town. He worked with his g/f's brother just this past week driving to and from the spill site picking up loads of contaminated mud to remove to a hazardous materials landfill site. So it must be pretty close to town.
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    Prayers going up that all is okay.
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    Pretzeling up & rattling!!! Keep us updated.
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    Crossing body parts and praying.
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    You got it!
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    Thanks all. I have been trying to get mroe information on his exact town but not finding anything great. The town is so small and its newspaper is quite funny. they publish when they want, it is a huge joke for him to tease about the slow pace there as evidenced by the paper. It can come out one day and not again for a week or two, then a few days in a row, then nothing for another couple of weeks. I've looked at the towns online website. They have a copy of a article on the fires from a larger news agency elsewhere in the province, and other than that, no articles or news stories posted for the past 5 days. I do think from what I'm reading and comparing on mapquest for distances, that he might be out of the major danger zone if the winds don't shift. Hope I'm right!
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    Add me to your support team. I absolutely can not stand "not knowing'. I can face almost anything but I'm a need to know type. Hope you get calming details soon. Hugs. DDD
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    rattle rattle rattle....

    Hope you get some good news soon!
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    I am not sure, but I believe this is covered on CNN, I found something that sounds about right.

    More hugs, and prayers...
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    Matt is on phone right now. He's off busily spending thousands with his g/f on a shopping spree for furniture for their new house lol. I'm worrying and he's shopping till he drops ;).

    The worst of it is an hour away from him. Right now his town is getting evacuees. They are monitoring the strong winds and fires spreading and he promises if it gets closer to him he'll call me. The nearby reserve is having major smoke inhalation problems so they are moving them out of there. Seems the smoke might hit his town before any fire. Hoping winds blow it all to uninhabited areas (which there is a lot of as he is very rural northern Alberta which is vast open spaces).
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    Step, I too just read a CNN article about the most destructive fire. 29 of the over 80 fires in the province are out of control. Only a handful would have any chance of impacting his town, knock on wood.
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    I'm still rattling, hoping he remembers to buy homeowner's insurance since he's buying all that furniture. And I hope he doesn't have asthma.
    Sounds like he's having a good time with-his freedom, anyway. :)
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    He is having a good time Terry :). As for insurance, one good thing here in Canada is that there is a government regulated body that oversees all mortgages. Part of being okay'ed for a mortgage from a bank or any lender is being okay'ed by this particular agency (Called Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, or CMHC). CMHC requires all home owners to have insurance. He's in a high flood zone so that's a good thing to have for sure, not withstanding the fires and the oil spills lol.
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    Sending prayers that all disasters continue to stay far away!
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    Oh my goodness. My thoughts and prayers ....
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    Sending thoughts and prayers for strenth, cooler heads and winds to prevail for my nephew and his lady love.
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    Awww shucks, his lady love ;). They are too cute for words. Always giggling together, spending every minute they can together. It's kind of sweet to be witness to young love.
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    Sending prayers, rattling beads, dancing.
    I was talking to a friend of mine from MNR up in T-Bay this afternoon, and he said that the water bombers were flying past his office building. Hope that they're able to contain and control the fires. Glad to hear that Matt and girlfriend are safe.

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    It is sounding horrible isn't it Trinity? Hoping too that they get them all under quick control. So many displaced families, so many homes gone already.
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    It is sounding horrible. I can't imagine how devastated the people must feel who've lost everything. I am grateful that so far there are no reports of anyone injured or killed.

    So strange, that fires are raging here, and right next door in Manitoba they're under water from all the floods. Canadian spring -- nature can be so fierce.