can you think of anything else I am missing here for a baby shower?

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    There is supposed to be around 30 people there. I am supposing mostly woman. I am not catering it. Not even asked to be involved much in planning it at all because many and Cory know I havent felt well at all so they are just tickled pink I can go. Of course, I have bought them the crib and a bunch of clothes and a 2 of those vibrating chairs, on of which will stay at my house and one will go to his house. We have two at my house and one at corys. We need two bouncers...and Jamie is supposed to bringing those. Plus a few other things. I think they have a swing or two. Maybe one fullsize and one travel size.

    I kinda waiting to see what she actually gets from the shower to see what she really needs. I have tried to tell her let people know what she already has so that people wont get her duplicates. Especially clothes. Let people know you could really use clothes in the 6-9 months sizes. Or heavens...she could really go for them all to pitch in and get her a nice used dresser and paint it white and put little pink flowers on it! Probably wouldnt cost them 40 bucks total including paint.

    I know she wants a new diaper bag unlike the normal ones they give to everyone who lives the hospitals here. Those are just plain back diaper backs and you really tell that you gave birth on I mean the Walmart ones arent much that 12 bucks but I guess it may make a difference to someone who has self esteem issues. If she doesnt get her diaper bag, I will get her one.

    I made these little candy sachets and filled them with after dinner know, the multi colored ones? I filled 36 of those then I bought a set of 60 tiny plastic champagne glasses and I will fill them with a few pastel colored jordan almonds each.

    if i can get them to actually commit to a name before midweek I will have that printed on all the glasses but they have to
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    Staggering the clothes up in sizes is wonderful. It's something my aunt did at my shower.......and I liked it so much that we've done it at every shower since. Well, except the one for Oliver because Nichole received all of Brandon and Connor's lil baby clothes and well, let's just say she had a ton. So we focused on other things. easy child and I used coupons for formula, infant cereal, some starter foods (usually stay good for up to 6mos or a yr) lotions, shampoo and bath soaps, diaper cream, teething gel, diapers and wipes ect. Nichole is still thrilled with them because so far she's only had to buy formula for the baby and he's a month old.

    I also made him a sweater and lil hat for fall and an afgan.....which will be given to her shortly as I just finished the afgan right before husband's heart attack. With temps the way they're supposed to be this week, she'll be needing them.

    She won't be needing to buy hardly anything for Oliver. easy child supplied her with baby furnishings and Nichole paid her yard sale prices. Only thing so far they've bought is the formula and his crib. So it works out well.
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    Oh, soon as I have an opportunity to make the Mary Jane'll be getting a care package in the mail. :)
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    Wow, this baby is pretty well hooked up! Have anyone who asks- bring diapers, that's always a never-ending expense. Is it too late for her to register at Target, or Babies-R-Us, for her to pick out what she wants?

    Tell her not to take the tags off anything, she can always return things she doesn't love for other things, like a nice diaper bag....if she gets too many clothes, she can return some for diapers. It's so exciting!
  5. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member you realize who this babies grandma is despite the fact that I swore I wouldnt get!

    I am not spending a ton. I hunt craigslist and freecycle and ebay. Jamie is also handing down all his old stuff because they wont be having another baby. They got

    Even Keyana's mom is getting excited which is kinda odd to me...lmao. Im actually going to ask her husband to make those wooden name cut-outs for the walls with the girls names to put on the walls because that is what he does as a hobby.

    I really do wish though that she had asked me what Jamie was bringing and what I had bought so she would know what to tell people she needs. Oh well, we can take stuff back. Or if we end up with two of them, one for my house and one for hers. I will gladly use the ugly diaper
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    Champagne glasses? For a baby shower? You can do whatever you want, but I always figured a baby shower was an alcohol free event. The only exception I experienced was a good friend of mine who was adopting. And I realize these are just party favors, but........for me, it doesn't sit right. Might be able to come across something else. BUT in reality, you've already done the candy sachets and don't need to do something else as well.
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    They are just tiny little things and the only little plastic dish type things in the store to put candy in at all. I was going to make booties with lace but walmart doesnt sell lace anymore so I was going to just get tiny lace socks to stick in them but they didnt even have those little lace socks! So these little glasses ended up being it. They did have some metal tins that I could wrap with paper stickers and then put the babies name on them but if I dont know the name, Im stuck. Plus those were even more expensive. 20 bucks before candy.
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    PMing you a photo from a local show for a baby shower "cake".
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    Google shower ideas, or something like that, you can get a visual and maybe some cute ideas. That baby shower diaper cake is a cute idea. You don't need much'll be a great time with just food and nothing else. Google baby shower games, at my sisters shower we played some form of bingo, I forget exactly but we laughed and laughed at all these silly games.
  10. Star*

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    Party favors for games
    A day of spa treatment everyone pitches in for secretly for the babys Mom (this is wonderful idea)
    All the girls that come to the party - pitchin and take the mother to be - OUT for a day of NO baby talk - just pampering/lunch - before baby is born. Mani pedi - lunch - hair cut. NO KIDS ALLOWED

    Small gifts to keep the other kids occupied -

    The clothespin game was my favorite - everyone gets three clothespins when they arrive pinned to their outfit and everytime they say a key word someone can take their pin - at the end of the day - the one with the most clothespins can pick a prize for the Mommy to be......or actually it was understood that the prizes were ALL for the Mommy to be - just whomever WON the games offered to GIVE the gift to the Mommy to be. That's how we always did our showers. Then they got to say "OH I got so no so - a......(gift)"
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    At a baby shower easy child and I went to the person giving it had a game in which she removed the labels from baby food jars and labeled them with numbers instead. She had a list of which food each number was. Then everyone had their plastic spoons and went around the table tasting the baby food in each jar trying to identify it. It was really funny......and you wouldn't believe how many were very hard to figure out. And it stopped some of the curiosity as to why some are often spit at parents. lol
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    We actually did that game with the mother to be at the last shower I had here. We blind folded her and told her she had to identify the food her baby would be eating - it was hilarious! We also tied pink ribbon (she was expecting a girl) around dollar store pacifiers and when each attendee walked in, they wore one as a necklace. Each time you said the word "baby" the person that "caught" you got to take your necklace. The person with the most necklaces at the end of the shower was the winner and got a prize (a pretty set of notecards). Have fun Janet.