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    Hi Everyone,

    The communications director for a church and one of our teens has been diagnosed with sarcoma cancer. Our pastor is trying to raise money for this family because he lost his dad to cancer at a young age and his mom is single. He has along with a few other people, volunteered to shave his head to raise money and to so solidarity with this teen. I am trying to put out a news cast but I can't think of a Team name to call these wonderful men that are doing this to support Jake. Can you help me think of a name for this team?
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    Well.... let's see.
    1. Team Jake
    2. Jake's Cancer Team
    3. Jake's Fight For Life
    4. Jake's Angels
    5. Shave for Jake
    6. Bald for Jake

    Not sure if you will like any of those. Just throwing out some ideas. I'll keep thinking and post later if I come up with anything.

    Sending prayers for them.