Cant believe I am going to the school in the middle of all of this, THAT is what

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    I need a break from! but too many people involved. I did get an email from the behavior support team specialist and she said she has all of the notes we discussed in private down in an appropriately worded way so it is not offensive to anyone (I could vent a little more openly to her, smile). Of course now on top of all of the stuff going on in the school (suspensions etc.)

    Now, I have to deal with how to transition him back from hospital. would love to know your stories. just dump him back in?? push thru the adjustment, give him time? dont do bussing, stay at the school in case he needs to leave???? So hard to guess what is right.

    I kind of want to shove that he was having seizures and bad medication reaction in thier faces but that is just mean. But not only because the admin didn't believe it, but because it just gets so old to have them not listen and trust my judgement.

    wonder what this will turn out to be like. so hard to get my mind on school with a kid in the hospital for who knows how long???? Wow, priorities sure change when I just need to be afraid for his everyday health.
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    I would say to start slow with you remaining in the building for the first couple days. BUT, would it be too hard for him with his "routine" issues to do that. I know with my difficult child 1, the school routine was so ingrained that as soon as he walked in the doors after summer, he knew where to go and what to do just because it's school. He doesn't forget the routine during breaks even as long as summer. If your difficult child is like that, you could "throw" him in but stay with him to help with the anxiety.

    I don't know, that is a tough call and completely depends on what you think difficult child will be able to handle. I am sorry I can't be of more help. Keep us posted on how it went.
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    Well, we had just started the meeting and the doctor called Will update in general. But, bottom line, they did talk about his reentry to school and we all think if I can bring him in a little late so his day is not so long (but he may be too excited to sleep and be up early anyway) may be better. I am gong to stay in the library. they ar going to have him go straight to his office like they usually do. He can take the bus home which will make him very happy. it is a new driver and aide but they seemed really good. He will leave five minutes earlier than the other kids so not as much time to have to wait and fall apart.

    we are going to meet mon before the end of the day so then depending on how he does we can adjust after that.... we decided if changing the routine was too much then we will just let him dive in and I will just go and hang out all day in case he needs me. He can take a nap in his room, (yes he has his own room...a little"office" sensory room. I feel sorry for the poor Occupational Therapist (OT) who has NOTHING while my kid has an office, haha.

    they really do love him (the Special Education team) and all the women were in tears while we talked about how things have gone. We will see how long that lasts, or it may be different tears if he transitions back with some of the behaviors I have seen others do on that hospital. unit!
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    Sounds like you guys have a great plan. Glad they are willing to be flexible.