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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by cnels, Nov 8, 2007.

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    Tomorrow I have a meeting with the school to discuss changing my son's disability from an emotional one to aspergers. My advocate said it's a bad idea. She said if he gets into trouble (discipline) at school he is more covered/protection having an emotional disability. Is this true? Our meeting is in the morning, and advocate called this afternoon. If you could reply tonight that would be so helpful. I thought it would be a good thing to change it???
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    I'm not sure of the answer to this. You may want to post over in the Special Education forum.
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    Doesn't matter what they call him, they still have to provide accomodations for his needs. Changing the name doesn't change his needs. He's still the same kid with the same educational problems.

    If he gets into trouble, they have to determine if his behavior was the result of his disability. If so, he is held to a lesser standard. Exceptions relate to weapons and drug related behavior. Or so the law says. Truth be told, schools usually do what they damn well please.
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    I'm not sure how it is in Colorado. Where I am I think it is more what they put in the goals of the IEP than what the diagnosis is. I would also post this in the Special Education forum!
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    Thanks, I posted in Special Education!!
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    Aspergers opens up the autism supports he may not have with just the emotional disorder diagnosis I know our schools are focusing on autism to a high degree, so the kids with autism spectrum disorders are given certain supports. I don't know what would help in this case.

    Remember you do NOT have to sign the IEP at the meeting. Take time, take it home and THINK about it. Follow your gut and don't let them bully you!!


    ps. About a month AFTER the meeting go and ask to read the IEP again. At school, I mean. Sometimes things get changed and this is the ONLY way you will know before trouble happens. It happened to my son - the ED teacher changed his IEP drastically and he ended up in a psychiatric hospital for 4 months!
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    It's my advocate who is 'bullying'. I usually trust her, so now I'm confused. I agree what you said about autism opening doors, that's what I want!!!
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    That hit the nail on the head.

    Usually an aspergers/autism diagnosis opens more doors. Usually. Didn't do much for Travis, but then our sd is so backward it isn't funny.

    You'll find that you'll probably have to stay on your toes with the school regardless of difficult child's diagnosis.

  9. Star*

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    Why couldn't the IEP include CD AND Aspergers to cover it all?

    Does anyone really know if hes one or the other and not BOTH?

    Just throwing this thought out.
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    I asked aspergers to be the primary and ED to be the secondary.
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    My son is on the Spectrum and had "behaviors" due to his Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) (which Aspergers is). I wouldn't have wanted my son labeled ED, but that's me--I didn't feel his behavior was due to anything more than the normal AS triggers. He is an angel now (he really is). It's really up to you what you want to do. My son did best with supports for autism.
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    Well for just getting started you are a WISE gal!

    How did it go otherwise?