can't sleep

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by southermama3, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. southermama3

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    This is a norm for me but home alone at night with 3 kids and storms hitting makes me completely petrified. Since 1 I have been up bc of the dang sirens screaming. So what do u do? Get on here and post a million times, watch how the earth was made and make banana nut bread plus clean ur coffee pot with vinegar and baking soda...and I still can't sleep bc the storm is STILL here! ArghUgh
  2. buddy

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    Do you have a tv? I have been up on and off since 2 for some weird reason. Feel fine but I think it is monday anxiety... I hate having to wonder all week if difficult child is gonna make it thru the day, every day I worry.

    I actually like storms. I leave my tv on too because I live in a town home complex now and I can hear others so it helps me to drown out their sounds. I have the volume only up enough to do that but not really loud enough to get involved in a My son does a radio....very softly.

    I think there are many of us here who have used this board as a night sounding board. I posted once when I got a bunch of responses I thought we were all a little nuts for being up late.

    But it makes sense...... most of our days are filled with other's needs, thoughts, etc. Night is my time. Yes, I still, worry, process etc. but I try to enjoy my time too.

    I do write big issues out. The thoughts spin in my head too much if I dont.

    sometimes I draft emails about issues but I dont send them. I do it in word and then go back days later.

    Never in my email program so I dont accidentally send it, lol esp. at night, might screw up.

    What kind of storm?? Is it done now?
  3. Hound dog

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    We had a beauty of a storm last night too. First clap of thunder I thought was an explosion, kid you not......but it lasted in a long rumble so then I'm like wth thunder in Jan?? At least it melted the inch of ice that has kept me home bound for about 3 days. Now I can go get dog food today.

    I don't care much for storms but I am not afraid of them either. I'm just a night owl, always have been. I'm trying to teach myself to go to bed early cuz honestly I can't afford the light bill....I'm getting better but that random 4am night will still pop up.
  4. southermama3

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    We had tornados hit this morning. I am so protective of my kids I carried them all to my bed lol. I write a lot also. I have page upon page of thoughts that I address to myself. I will write letters to my babies mainly about how beautiful they are asleep or how innocent and new their little hands and feet are or how much they change over night. I put them in their baby books. Since mom died I write letters to her also...helps ease the pain.
    I drove the kids to school and my car registered a temp of 67...I love it though bc in WVa where I'm from it snows and I have a very bad love/hate relationship with the white fluffy stuff.

    A's far a's worry that's all I seem to do. My fiancé works a's a coal miner underground and I have to force myself to stop. My biggest fear is losing another family member and like u worrying bout ur difficult child I worry I won't be able to protect them. A womans mind never shuts up I believe.
  5. DammitJanet

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    I used to worry constantly and be on here just worrying like mad. Now I am on here just because I cant sleep. Damned insomnia. Last night I was washing dishes at 3 am! Tonight I have been window shopping on Amazon. I looked up some special nipples for McKenzie and some special medicine for colic and gerd. We shall see how that works. I also read how they should make her sit up for at least 30 to 45 minutes after she eats. They can prop her up in her bouncy chair for that. It will keep her in the proper position without buying something new. I also found a new yellow keyboard that is for people who have poor vision or who use their keyboard at night because it is bright yellow and has the keys in large black letters on it. You can hook it to a laptop too. I want one because I cant use a light when I type in bed. Thats my next gift to me because I make so many typos on here at night because I miss letters because I cant see them. My laptop is smaller than my old regular keyboard was. It ticks me off that they have tons of cheap silicon covers for the macs but none for my laptop. Means I have to spend more for the actual keyboard.

    I also had to make sure Tony's clothes dried over night. Now I actually fell asleep last night and would have slept probably the entire night through but Billy came in about 9 oclock to wake me up to tell me that Tony was asleep on the couch. Now just why did I need to know that? LOL. Oh damn...the cable just went out. Sheesh. What next.
  6. Mattsmom277

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    Goodnight/morning fellow night owlers. I'm another one awake and it's 4:30am my time. This is day 4 of this. Well last night I fell asleep at 3 buy was awake again at 5. Yuck.

    We are having strange weather a s it is either causing or coinciding with a MS flare. I could gladly shed my skin like a snake only my muscles, joints and nerve endings also. I can't sleep through the pain and it's taking a toll.

    I'm so grateful for my ereader and that we upgraded to full cable last month and it came with a free DVR. I am catching up on reading on tv programs I record which beats tossing and turning and that awful feeling of laying quietly in the dark feeling frustrated.

    I actually am going now to try to sleep and I'll send sleep vibes to you all (along with a warning to mother nature that tornados are not cool). If it doesn't work out I'll be back and we can all swap jokes or something. We should have a online canasta game or something for us non sleepers. ;)
  7. lovemysons

    lovemysons Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Another here that "can't sleep".
    I take "cat naps" throughout the day and then am usually up by 2 or 3am.

    I'm a bit anxious this morning in anticipation of my middle son's (young difficult child) court sentencing.
    husband, daughter in law and I will be taking off tonight on, I think, a 6hr drive to the panhandle of Tx for the court hearing.

    I know I will go back to sleep at some point today...Just not right now.
    I get on Internet Casino sites and play "free games". Kinda silly but nothing "lost" I guess.

    Hope everyone has a good day today.
  8. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    LMS...I play pogo word Or crossword puzzles. I dont do very well but hell, it doesnt make me feel like I have to talk to anyone but I feel like I am making progress.
  9. southermama3

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    I have never see a keyboard like that. Good luck w ur court hearing I hope it goes well.

    When I posted this thread I had done two loads of laundry and made the kids banana bread/muffin like thingys.

    At night I feel it's so dark and alone bc that's when my mind really makes me realize how much I have on my shoulders.

    My hope is that one day we will all be able to lay down and rest peacefully.