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    Im soo mad disgusted hurt for all the things my son has done. I cant talk to him now cuz the hate that is at the tip of my tongue is ready to let loose. But i have to hold it in cuz i dont know what he will do if i said it all. It sucks i cant unload. Its not fair
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    Just because he is acting can be better than that. He is not going to get anything you tell him so my advice is to say nothing. If he abuses you walk away, take a walk outside, lock yourself in your room with headphones on playing loud music, and call the police if he starts damaging your property. Or threatening you or himself.

    I really feel he needs to leave your home. He is ruining your life and the lives of anyone else who resides in your home. I forgot if he is 18 yet, but even if hes not...maybe foster care. He has no right to abuse you yet have you shelter him.

    Your house is your samctuary. He is choosing to leave if he refuses to be a decent person under your roof. His decision to be impossible.

    Life isnt fair but we can handle our troubled adult children with grace...few words and actions we know we must take.

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    He is in jail on his way to prison for the second time. We let him come home after first term. Bent over backwards to help him. Did fine for 6months then went back to drugs. Then he stole from us and went to party, he couldnt come home after that so was on the streets. So he robbed again. When he was in prison before i visited every other wknd. Money on books. Phone calls. Tried to help him. Tried to keep him and his daughter connected. And he does this. He is 30. Keeps calling from jail. All i want to do is scream at him
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    If it upsets you,tell him he can only call once a week and dont answer until then. This is his second time in jail. He didnt have to break the law and end up there again.

    And hes abusing you? Tell him he must respect you when he talks to you or else you will gently hang up. And do it. Who does he think he is? You are his lovimg mother, not trash he can abuse. It costs you money to listen to his abuse. I suggest rejecting that option. I do that with my son now. The abuse starts, i hang up and dont answer for a long time and has been much nicer.