Captain Has A Costume!! Furbaby Halloween Thread!


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My daughter is a miracle worker. I have no idea how she managed it, but she got Captain Morgan to keep a Tigger costume on!! It is the cutest thing! He is clearly grumpy about it, but not terribly grumpy. Just his usual grumpy. A little catnip seemed to chill him out.

If we can get some photos, I will post them. He isn't always cooperative for photos.

Do your pets wear costumes? Other than our cat Freckles (now deceased) who wore makeup (food coloring markers applied to her face) none of our pets have ever worn costumes. Freckles was partial to blue and would go and get the blue marker in her teeth and carry it to me if she felt her color was fading. My dad still thinks it was mean to color on her, but he didn't have to live with her. She could be MEAN if I didn't put her makeup on when she thought it needed to be touched up.

What do you do to celebrate Halloween with your furbabies?


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The first year we had the Panther Boys, Miss KT and I bought cute little headpieces for them. After we wrestled each Panther into his hat (and yes, it took both of us), Miss KT attempted to hold each wriggling and highly annoyed panther still so I could take a picture. I think we got one picture, and Miss KT ended up with lots of scratches.

We've gotten Buddy several costumes, and he's fine with wearing them, as long as headpieces aren't involved. The best year was when he wore the dinosaur costume, but refused to wear the headpiece. He was a hybrid Jack Russell-saurus that year. Now he's an old man, so we don't try to dress him up any longer.


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Charlie loves T shirts and costumes of any description. Missy will refuse to move at all of you put anything in her. It is actually pretty funny.