Captain Jack Sparrow or Captain Morgan?


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Arrrrggggghhhh, neither said she...avahst! I be pining for the lad Will Turner... :devil:

By the way: "International Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day" is on September 19th (every year!).

Do a search and you can: learn to talk like a pirate
learn sea chanties
find your "pirate" name

Shiver me timbers and all that, lubbers! (You've GOT to see the idiot e-mails that fly around here on the 19th!).



er, I mean, uh I be:

Dread Pirate Kidd


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husband started growing a beard on Sept 1 in honor of "Talk like a Pirate" Day on the 19th!! I like it, he may keep it this tiem.

How funny.

Any pirate is OK with me as long as it is not followed by Spongebob!!



Guest I have THAT song in my head and it will repeat over and over and over and over again ALL NIGHT LONG.


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Okay ladies---laugh all you want. I live in a small coastal town. We have a tour company that takes out charters on a pirate ship. All the mates dress the part. One of the students who works on the ship is in my class. I sent home a parent info sheet and asked what the student likes to read. His mother wrote: "Anything and everything about pirates. Could you please find him another interest!"

Shiver me timbers.....
give me some Morgan!


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Susie...I laughed so hard I split me timbers.....Sponge bob...and then I have

WHhhhhhhhhooooooooooo lives in a pineapple under the sea in my head.....and how he plays his nose at the end.

I also play on Talk Like a Pirate Day every year. I almost bought a black wig and headband,....then I realized my hair looks like that and I own 100 headbands

TO be sure....I'm a pirate. Yo ho yo ho a Pirates life for me.

You can have Sparrow and Turner....I want Barbosa! really believed that? haaarrrrrgh


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I think I would have to go with Captain Jack or Will (not that it would be that difficult to force myself to be around them! LOL) as husband now has a slight aversion to Captain Morgan's. (As do I with the after effects) Dork that he is (husband) found a gallon jug of the stuff on sale a year or so ago and bought it thinking it would last him awhile. We went to friends that night to play cards and he started making himself rum and cokes. Keep in mind, husband is not a heavy drinker and when he does drink, 99.2% of the time only drinks beer. Plus he hadn't really eaten that day. Before you know it, he had drank about half the bottle. After an inordinate amount of time in our friend's bathroom, I wound up having to take him to the ER where they pumped two IV's into him (as well as some sort of medicine) as he was vomiting the first layers of his stomach lining. I kind of felt guilty because I couldn't stay in the room as I DON'T do vomit. But at the same time I just wanted to smack him upside the head and call him a dumb@##. He's ok about it now but for the longest time even the mere mention of the Captain would make him turn very interesting shades of green. Maybe I should decorate with Captain Morgan pictures for pirate day!! snicker


call 911

I don't know if this is everywhere (have to check the web site) but Captain Morgan is holding a contest called Stand like a pirate)

Maybe you could get a picture of husband wretching in pirate garb - wouldnt' actually be standing, but you could tell Captain Morgan what husband thinks of it.

I too, like you are rotten.


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<span style='font-size: 20pt'> <span style="color: #FF0000">Girlfriends....I claimed Orlando a long time ago...Hands off! Er yer be makin a visit to Davey Jone's Locker!
</span> </span>

I'll take Orly with a side of Cpt Morgan!

by the way Capt Morgan & Coke is one of my fav. cocktails.

Star....Barbosa!!!! A litte soda just came out of my nose!