Car accident venting!

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    Got into a minor parking lot accident on Sunday night - I was just ABOUT to pull outta a space (but hadn't left it yet!), when someone pulled INTO my back bumper. ;)

    So I get all my info ready (about 15-20min, since they were still in their car, i assumed they were doing the same) and go stand behind my car....and stare at their car. Because they haven't even gotten out to look at their damage. Weird, I think to myself. I stand there for like 10 min....waiting....watching them watch me and hearing faint yelling on a cell phone or at the passenger.....

    So it got totally creepy. I decided to call 911 (which I usually only do AFTER talking to the other person!). Officer arrives, gets my story, goes over to get the other driver's----I can't hear them at first. Then the officer's voice gets louder....and louder. I hear "lying", "big fresh scrape on her car" and "wanna tell me what REALLY happened, sir??". Apparently Mr. Driver is DENYING he was in an accident! Ha!

    The officer goes back to his car. Backup arrives. The next thing I know, they have this dude outta his car and are doing field sobriety tests (which he fails, pretty entertainingly), then he's taking a breathalyzer (which he also fails), and is getting carted off to jail!!!

    Here's the vent part (all of the above was a little scary, but mainly entertaining, since I didn't do anything wrong). His insurance company tells me that the policy number he gave doesn't cover the vehicle that was in the accident. They're still researching to make sure it's not covered under another policy with them (fingers crossed). Then MY insurance company calls to update me (Geico has been AWESOME so far!!!), and lets me know that the phone number he gave has been disconnected.

    I don't know yet what all of this will mean, but I'm a little overwhelmed. Haven't been in an accident in 5 years, never with a drunk driver or someone with-o insurance. EEK. :mad:
  2. Shari

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    Glad it was minor. At least you're not carless thru this ordeal.

    Do you have underinsured or uninsured on your policy? If so, you should be ok.
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    good decision calling 911. i hate to say it yet you never know with-people it pays to be careful especially when you are alone.

    you would laugh if i told you i did exactly that last weekend. both kids were in the car, difficult child was rambling endlessly ofcourse my brain was fried and i plowed right into someone. i have NEVER done that before.

    luckily she was so so nice and said it's ok, there was nothing but a scratch. LOL

    anyway, well good luck dealing, you are lucky it was just a minor thing though. i see so many scary accidents driving around suffolk county it's crazy
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    Shari - I do have uninsured motorists on my coverage, I just hate the idea of actually having to file with my company. Or paying the deductible, possibly. I don't want my rates to go up! ;) It's bad enough I'm not 30 yet, so I'm still penalized for being a young'n. Honestly! I've never had a speeding ticket and I've never been in an accident that was my fault. But god forbid I be under 30. Hahaha.

    Jena - I know, right? It was totally one of those, "Man, this is freaking weird, I am SO not comfortable walking up to the driver's side of that car right now...." feelings. After hearing him getting belligerent with the officer, I felt SO much better about calling 911. I always do (GOOD to have a police report with details!!!), but I always talk to the other person first, then call.

    Oh - it's not entirely true. I once slid into someone's work truck (ended up side-to-side and had to scrape a bit to get free)- the whole intersection ended up covered in some kind of oil slick. The guy came out of the building he'd been in, I showed him the rainbow-y intersection, he looked at my car, his already-POS-beat-up-old work truck, told me that it wasn't my fault, not to worry about it, and to go on home. Talk about making your day!!!

    I hate that there are people out there driving around uninsured cars and giving out disconnected numbers and driving drunk and and and....GRRRR!! I hope the cops can get him on giving false information to the police, too, and driving uninsured, etc.
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    We had this type of situation when a woman rear-ended my daughter on the freeway. My daughter got her name and phone number, but not the driver's license number or vehicle license number. I called and the woman actually picked up the phone, but denied everything. She never would answer the phone again, and would not provide any additional information for my insurance company.

    Auto Club went ahead and had my daughter's car repaired and waived the deductible and said it would NOT impact her insurance, because it wasn't her fault. This is the reason we pay for unisured motorist covereage. Hopefully, you insurance company works the same way.
  6. skeeter

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    We were hit by an uninsured motorist a while ago.

    Your insurance company will pay for your expenses. Then they will go after the other driver to recoup the loss. After they are paid, you will then get your deductible back (if it's taken to court by your insurance). Your rates should not be effected.

    It took 6 years to get our deductible back, but we did!
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    Eeky! You're in fantastic shape! Geico has been wonderful to us over the years (husband is NEVER at fault, oh, nooooo!). He's been in quite a few accidents and we've never had a rate increase.

    In most states they have their own auto repair co's. that they contract with, so if they offer that option - take it. They'll subrogate against the other driver.

    Now: next time fall out of the car and scare the poop out of the clown! ;)

    Good luck!


    PS: Make sure the police know about the incorrect info. He could get slammed for false information (major ticket!).
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