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    I hate automatic car windows. At some point they break and it is expensive to fix them. Right now there is zero way we can fix the window that stopped working six weeks ago. The driver's window is showing strong signs of being slow/reluctant to work also.

    husband thought plastic and duct tape was a great fix. My mom gave him a big clear plastic bag that came with a big blanket and it was helpful for a while. The OK heat made the duct tape adhesive fail and it kept coming off though. Esp when driving to the doctor in another city. I came up iwth a solution that would be more effective right after the window stopped working. husband couldn't be bothered.

    After my last doctor appointment, on the drive home, I almost got hit by a car while trying to fix the window. The noise was so loud that it was giving me a migraine and I NEEDED it to stop flapping. I came home and told husband that he was going to go get the supplies and fix it MY way. (He tried to tell me we couldn't afford it, but we spent almost 2x the cost on duct tape just to that point - don't argue prices with ME!)

    So what did I have him do? We bought a piece of clear plastic at Lowes. They cut it down to the approx size we needed for free! They also showed husband how to cut it at home. Lowe's only does straight cuts, so we had to do the curved cut (super easy). husband drew the curve on, cut it, and made holes that a zip tie would fit through.

    He had to cut a little more off of the bottom and then he was able to wedge it into the window and fasten the zip ties around the window frame. A coat of clear silicone seal (like you use around the tub) on the edges and around the zip tie holes made it all water-tight.

    Now we have a window we can see though, that is not loud when you drive, does not have tons of duct tape on it, and will keep any rain out! All for under $20, including buying the plastic, silicone, zip ties and a razor blade for the box cutter.

    Thought this might be interesting and maybe even helpful if you get into a bind iwth a car window. I haven't seen anyone ever do this, but figured it out as a way to cope until we can afford to replace teh window mechanism.
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    You are ingenious! If you could post a picture of the window, that would be very helpful. That happened to our car while we were driving up a mountain in New Hampshire when the kids were small.