Care To Cross A Couple Of Fingers??


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Way-To-Go-easy child/difficult child!!! (and DDD for good timing/opportunity provided)

That's wonderful. It's so good to see when they start reaching out and growing again. The positive goal, the exposure, experience, the willingness to even try says so very much. Easy does it. One day at a time.

Now I'll pry my fingers apart, that's a Long time for them to stay crossed! :grin:


(the future) MRS. GERE
It is not 100% complete yet but easy child/difficult child agreed
to go to the community college and meet with the Director of
Disabilities (although I didn't mention his title to the kid
in AND he is going to take HIS FIRST COLLEGE

He's "going to try it" and I have the Disability Dude at the
ready if he needs supports. Is that cool or what??????

Yes, I realize he could get arrested again any day. Yes, I
know he might be able to hack the course. BUT I am tickled pink that at least for a few hours each week he
is going to be around kids his age who are working toward a
real goal.

Thanks for the crossed fingers. Thanks to you,
maybe something better will come this year. Another small
step for man.

Hugs. DDD

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D3 asked me to "correct" her post. I can't "correct" it but hopefully by moving it down here in the quote everyone will be able to see that she posted her update.

In the meantime, I'm :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

It might not be World Peace but it's close enough for a Thursday night. I'm just thrilled!!! ....and crossing my fingers that he will attend and enjoy it!

Hugs and dancing ( !!! ),
Suz :princess:


Congrats... it's a step forward. Maybe the disability guy will even be able to get difficult child to admit his limitations.


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DDD, my friend, I am teary eyed with happiness. Steps forward. That's awesome!

Sending mega hugs,
Deb :bravo:

saving grace

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DDD your update brought tears to my eyes, your enthusiasim and pure joy at this small step is awesome. As I sit here depressed that difficult child is in the basement just lying on the bed watching tv all day and night, he either sleeps, smokes pot or watches tv, alone in the basement. I work at a university, he could have went to school for free, tuition at this school is $42,000 and he would rather be the difficult child that he is

WAY TO GO easy child/difficult child I know exactly what you mean by just knowing that for a few hours a week he will be doing something normal and with normal goal oriented kids his own age.

I can only dream

Grace :bravo:


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Very happy to hear this.
Hoping that easy child/difficult child will follow thru.
How on earth did you get him to do this, DDD? Or was it his idea???
Doing the Happy Dance!!!!!

Melissa *


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That is the best news I have heard this year!!!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/8_6_31.gif

I like your attitude too. You are thrilled, but thinking so realistically about what may or may not happen next. It's a step in a new direction for a new year!!!


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Thanks, guys. Today he buys his books and a couple of new
things to wear that aren't "too too". No..LOL..I don't mean
a Tu Tu!

He even got his haircut. I'm going to enjoy what I can enjoy for as long as it lasts. It means alot to have you
all on the team. Hugs. DDD


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Another tear filled feeling of joy here DDD... :tears: Baby steps...crossing and rattling away here... :grin:



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He is taking an Introduction to Microcomputers/Windows for
three hours on Tueday night. It is required for a degree in
Busines Administration and Business Management. He has expressed (who to heck knows an interest in those
majors. This is an 8 week session so IF he does well and IF
he stays out of trouble and preferably IF he feels like part
of "our" world again...then he can sign up for more classes
next semester.

Also, he is going to sign up at the YMCA this week to begin
working out and getting in shape again. He got clearance
from the Neurologist to exercise at will...finally. He has
gained probably 35 pounds since the brain surgery so he does
not look "hot" like he used to.

So........instead of staying out late, sleeping late, eating
and then going out again, the plan is to get up and eat some
healthy cereal/fruit/beverage for breakfast. Watch BET or
whatever for awhile to chill. Then, walk or bike to the Y
and do exercises of his choice. Come home and nap (he still
needs naps) or rest or study or do SOMETHING to help with
the house. Then he can do homework here or at the college.

How's that for a plan????? It's the best I have been able
to negotiate! LOL. DDD

PS: I think my salemans skills have polished up a bit lately. I'm not accepting NO as an I just provide alternatives.


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I am SO loving the plan.

The exercise routine sounds especially helpful too...getting those "feel good" endorphines going, some weight lifting/toning, etc.
Me and mine happen to be pretty vain people so I completely understand the need/emphasis to build up outside appearance, lol.
My sons have spent more time in the mirror than my daughter has or will ever. Oh ya, gotta look "hot", cool etc before steppin out, roll eyes.
As if good looks really make a hilla-beans difference in the end...but, it sure doesn't hurt for them to be doing healthy positive things for their bodies. We ALL know how good they are at the alternative.

Now...the tricky part for you is going to be letting easy child/difficult child "own" his efforts, motivation, homework, etc. Okay, least for me that's "tricky". It is my natural inclination to apply more pressure (unintentionally of course) whenever I see/feel signs of getting "stuck" again, fear, etc.
Like I have stated's like having my hands bound and my mouth duck-taped and letting him figure/feel it out for himself, that is so Darned hard for me. But it is more respectful, non over-reacting, and non personal. So it's healthier.
Anyway, I guess that ties in with codependency issues I find in myself. I have to work so hard to guard against it.

I am definitely Pumped about all of this before your easy child/difficult child. Notice I put the "difficult child" in small letters. He's trying to grow again.

all smiles,


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WAY COOL!!!! It's so much better than what he was doing. Hope he loves it and goes for more next semester and the one after and the one after...until he earns his degree!!!! -RM


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One itsy bitsy baby step at a time. He got a 92.5 on his first test....BUT....only time will tell as he horses almost
every day. DDD