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    I was thinking of you today. Errr....rather of toadboy. *snicker* I had the windows open in the house (GORGEOUS day) and discovered I needed to clean them as there were a few dead flies from over the winter. When I saw them though, the first thing to pop into my head (aside from uck) was "I should send these for Carolanne to give to the toad for a snack!" :devil2:
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    That is so evil....send away!!! lmao....

    I have some good news though....toadboy is doing 30 days for violating the hospital orders to only visit once a day....seems he tried to just walk in at midnight and caused quite the scene. The security guy took great delight in restraining him so the nurse said until the police showed up. The judge gave him 3o days for that little stunt.

    difficult child is doing better I think. She is talking more, not with anger but is starting to open up. Of course they can't tell me much about what she is saying but at least she is willing to talk right now. She's in art therapy as well...everything is black and blood pictures....she is eating now...not much but is eating something at every meal. But her personal hygiene is still an issue....she refuses to shower or take care of herself....says she knows the nurses will take pics of her and the abuse will start all over again.

    It seems to be her mantra....abuse abuse some point she is going to have to face the fact she made false allegations against many many people in her life....when asked about it, her stories change daily so the dr thinks she's been taught by a friend that this is the way you get what you want.

    But send the

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    I get that she has made false accusations about abuse, but I don't understand this statement:

    What does hygiene have to do with abuse?

    LOL! about toadboy! So, even if she gets out after the two weeks is up, she can't go to him. Do you think that they may keep her longer?
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    Awwwwww.......the..the *snort* poor *snicker* poor*cough* boy. *sputter sputter* :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    :bow: to the security guard. I wonder if the nurses did a :dance: after he was removed.
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    I am glad the judge treated toadboy's stunt seriously. It is good that she is participating in art therapy and talking, and eating - even if she is not eating much.

    I also don't understand the part about the personal hygeine, nurses taking pics, and abuse starting. Is she saying that if she showers the nurses will take pics of her in the shower and then will show them to people? Or that if she is clean they will see scars? Very confusing to me.

    I do think somewhere, someone told her that making allegations of abuse would get her what she wanted. It is sad that she thinks this is how to go about life.

    I hope you and the other kids can go about your life with-o too much interruption from her drama for the next few weeks.


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    That is exactly what she means by abuse...having pics taken and shown, having someone watch her in the shower, having someone molest her in the shower. Every person that has said no to this girl has been accused of this...her dad, her guidance counsellor, a math teacher, a nurse at the teen ward, a worker in the group's a very long list of people painted with the same brush, including me,.

    Yes life is going on. I am actively searching for work and a day care for my little guy. I go to the gym every single morning at 6am, I make sure the other kids are out with friends and I refuse to be pulled in any her drama or by husband's....who is spiraling by the way and recently accused me of seeing someone....i don't have time for his **** why would i make time for someone else's? :)

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    Oh Lordy....Tell him that if you WERE seeing someone, you'd be in a heck of a lot better mood than you there! :sheepish:

    As for the "abuse", she can try all she wants to accuse everyone who comes into contact. They have her number and I really doubt she'll accomplish anything.

    Good for you though for not being sucked in. Do your things and things FOR you. We're all here for you and I'm saving all my dead flies for you!
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    Hugs. It sounds like your daughter is in GOOD hands .. I pray this will be a turning point for her. YAY for toadboy getting arrested :)
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    Wow, she is really showing signs of disturbed thoughts. Are they planning to keep her longer?

    ODD is usually a co-morbid diagnosis. What else are they looking at with her? She almost sounds delusional. Have they looked at bi-polar and schizo-effective? If she is seeing and hearing things that aren't real, toadboy whispering in her ear is even more disturbing!

    Also, I notice in your thread that you are planning to do another surrogate pregnancy this summer, but that was written some time ago. Is this still something you are considering? With the unsurety in your life and your stress levels, is this still advisable? I know that you would want to give the parents of this child the best start possible in life.
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    I wonder if they have it on video where the Security Guard is booting Toad Boy? Wouldn't that be fun to watch!

    Long, long story behind this, but when my son was in the hospital ICU on a ventilator after he made his suicide attempt, we had very good reason to believe that his former step mother might show up at the hospital and create a scene. She's the type that does stuff like that and my son dispises her! We told the security people about it and gave them a description and they assured us that she wouldn't get past the front doors! I think they were kind of hoping that she would show up just so they could have the pleasure of throwing her out! I was sort of hoping that she'd try it too, and that I would be there to see it!
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    They are looking at bipolar as well as schzio---can't spell it but you know what Imean...wouldn't surprise me, husband is severe bipolar and his mom is schzio....i have depression running through my side as well but think it skipped me....I hope!;)

    Yes, I am in fact doing another surrogacy. The embryo transfer is May16. The parents are very aware of how up and down my life is and I've had on-going counseling with a surro friendly therapist and she gave me total thumbs up for this. In fact, she said considering how much I shoulder on a daily basis, she is impressed by my strength and feels the child/ren will be in no danger at all.

    As to the boyfriend comment by husband....he keeps accusing me of it he might regret it;) lol