Carson is home from school today (sick) and now *I* am sick and tired...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Chaosuncontained, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Chaosuncontained

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    He coughed all night, which kept him and I up most of the night (Add husband's snoring like a freight train and I am exhausted).

    Carson's cough sounds awful--like he's coughing up a lung. I gave him some cough/expectorant medicine and allowed him to stay home. Now he is driving me INSANE. He's wired up. LOUD. Needing more attention that this tired Momma can provide.

    I put a movie on for him and went to my room to hang up the 3 loads of laundry (ugh). WHile I was in there he got a butter knife out and a potato. He sawed the potato into pieces, put them in a pan and added water and a boneless, skinless chicken breast. He's making "soup". Now, while it simmers--he's playing a video game, talking non stop LOUDLY.

    I really need a nap. If only he would take one too.
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    Sorry. Well, you wont be getting a phone call from the principal today!

    Now I am not advocating anything here... but you know those stories about people who use benadryl or cold medications to make their kids nap.... that just never works for me, probably not many difficult child's with medication sensitivities and strange reactions....

    That would just rev mine up or make him mean. UGG, maybe.....YOU ARE GETTING SLEEEEPPPPYYYYYY:hypnosis:
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    I am sorry he's not feeling well and that he has too much energy and won't quiet down. This was always the case with my difficult child too. I believe and i know that it has been investigated and found to not be true, but I think the food coloring has a different effect on kids with adhd. Red #40 always causes my daughter to become more wired even if in benadryl and cough syrups, etc. It is also in the grape to give it color, because it is the mix with the blue. My easy child never had a problem like difficult child, but she got ectremely hyper and mad, like a two year old who missed their nap. ugh.


    omg...I've been there. The last time I wasn't watching what Tommy was doing, he called the White House and asked to speak to the President. Googled But, it is true what Buddy know you won't be getting a call. Hope he feels better and/or falls asleep. I swear lately I just crave quiet...
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    I'm a complete advocate for anything media related to get some respite. Television, video games, computer (not internet connection).

    While the tweedles were much younger I used cameras all through my home to watch for any antics or chaos that might ensue when I'm wasn't present. A camera for every room (except bathroom) & monitors on my desk, in my kitchen, in our bedroom & on husband's desk. It was a godsend let me tell you.

    When wm was sick I'd set him up on the couch in the living room with his legos & video games. What helped keep him calm was his pressure vest. It was amazing how that one piece of clothing helped him settle.

    Hope you get some sleep soon.