Carson is home from the hospital with a new diagnoses...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Chaosuncontained, Apr 12, 2012.

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    After 7 nights in patient at a behavioral unit, hes home. Im so glad hes home. I was actually surprised he came home as soon as he did. Our visits were disappointing. He was moody, irritated and lethargic...or manic and wild. Last night was our first GOOD visit. That was also the day he first participated in therapy.

    They took him off of the Strattera and added Depakote. Ill fix my sig tomorrow. Too hard on my phone.

    We left with appointments with a Psychiatrists and Psychologist. diagnosis ADHD, mood disorder not otherwise specified and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) not otherwise specified. Ive thought he was on the spectrum since it was brought to my attention by an angel here.

    A new direction to look in and explore. Im ready.
  2. JJJ

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    You sound reenergized! I'm glad they tweaked out better diagnosis.
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    Don't you love answers. I know once my suspicions were confirmed I felt much more confident in dealing with the issues in a helpful manner. Glad he's doing well. Depakote is a mood stabilizer. Did they replace the Strattera with anything or are they just going to let that be for now?

    Glad you're in a better place and yes, it is sooooo good to get them home......I know, some here would severely disagree but I'm just speaking from MY personal experience.
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    Glad you got some answers. I think just looking at out kids differently, through the correct filter, makes life so much easier!