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    So Diva started complaining of burning/swelling/itching in her calf last Friday. Was okay over the weekend (with foot elevated to ceiling, LOL) but I ended up picking her up early from school on Monday (only 2nd day she's missed - what a trooper!) and we went in yesterday. They removed the cast a couple days early, and she had some weird skin reaction - little blisters up from ankle to knee, clear skin on the knee, but then more blisters from above the knee to top edge of cast. RN was trying to tell me it was a reaction to antibacterial soap - ummm, no, I don't think so. Not 5 weeks after the fact. Dr. was fascinated but clueless. Yep, must be my kid - we just don't do things by the numbers around here.

    So got brace, can flex 20 degrees for now, only toe-touch weight bearing, still in wheelchair. Hydrocortisone for funky rash, which thankfully is already looking less awful.

    She gets home from school today and we unwrap the pillow cases (covering the blisters to keep them clean) from her leg and her knee is the size of a cantaloupe!!!! I call dr. office and get some idiot who I thankfully haven't dealt with before who tells me in a superior voice, "Well, I *heard* the nurse tell Diva that she would get swelling." Um, yes, in her *foot*, not in her knee to swell it up 3 times the size it was yesterday. :grrr:

    Honestly, I do fine with- this stuff until people start talking down to me, and then I lose it. I gave the phone to husband and told him to deal with it. Which actually was kinda cruel - clueless (husband) talking to cluelesser.

    Dr. did call - he thinks it's leg not being as elevated as before in the wheelchair because we've lost the support of the cast along with the strap placement on the brace - there are 4, with 1 right above and 1 right below the knee - not exactly cutting off circulation but certainly putting pressure on the leg there and promoting the swelling. For a guy whose bedside manner is so-so at best, he did *really* good on the phone tonight.

    So foot is once more elevated to the ceiling and she's got frozen corn on the knee (why can you never find an ice pack when you need one? I know we have at least 5 of them, somewhere). And I'm sitting there adjusting her, just sobbing. Good job, Mom - don't freak the kid out or anything. Sigh....

    I don't do fear well. At all. Still. After all these years. Parenting is just terrifying sometimes.
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    Frozen veggies often do the job a bit better than the ice packs anyway.

    Wonder if she is allergic to something in the material they make the cast with......possible.

    I'm sure you'll be thrilled to have her all healed up and this whole mess over with. I know I certainly was.

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    Awwww poor kid! And poor Mom! Are either of you doing better yet?
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    I had to chuckle at the crying part. I had to recently meet Duckie at the local skating rink because she'd fallen bad and being transported on a backboard to the ER (she bruised her tailbone is all ;) ). It was hard to not act upset so I can't blame you one bit.
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    Family member had multiple knee replacements... and they told her every time that frozen veggies were WAY superior to ice packs. Peas or corn work best...

    {{hugs}} for both you and your difficult child... it's such a long road.
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    Ohh, I'm so sorry! Here's a tissue for your tears.
    Corn is fine. Hey, whatever works.
    I want to throttle that receptionist. But at least now you know you have to elevate at a higher angle again.
    And I'm glad the cortisone is working.
    Why isn't life ever easy?
    I guess you don't have to worry about the smell anyway. One tiny bright spot.
    I hope she heals quickly and that after the icing and elevation, you see a huge improvement tomorrow!
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    Cantaloupe had disappeared by bedtime. She's leaving the 2 straps closest to knee undone while she's sitting in wheelchair (so most the day). Hopefully today will be better. And absolutely, the frozen corn really does make a much better ice pack than the real ice packs, LOL.

    I just realized yesterday that she's probably not going to be able to go to Operation Snowball on the 21st (her 15th b-day!!!). I'm really bummed, 'cuz she's been looking forward to it since Weeburt did it his freshman year. I just don't think it's going to work because of accessibility issues. She's not loving HS too much, really misses her friends who went to public HS. I was hoping Snowball would really cement some new friendships for her. She hasn't been able to do the various activities that she's done in years prior - marching band sucked every second of her time from last July 'til November, then her knee and back acted up. She missed play tryouts because of the swelling - first time *ever* she won't be in a school play. Joined fencing but then couldn't participate because of knee. Won't be able to do softball either. It's just not been the freshman year she imagined, and I'm feeling really bad for her.

    It's not that she hasn't made new friends - I think she just misses the gals she's known since Kindergarten. They still get together, but... Diva's just not as happy as I hoped she would be. Going to our home HS is out of the question and I think she's finally got that, but... we just want our kids to be happy, you know? I know that this HS is the very best place for her, and it will well prepare her for college, but... I really do hate to see her not as happy as she could be.

    I'm thinking of doing a spa weekend on the 21st with her BFFs from grade school. She's not really a girly girl but does like mani/pedis and might go for a gentle massage/facial kind of thing. She's also really bummed because she toned up amazingly (and lost about 15 pounds) during marching season, and she's obviously lost a lot of muscle tone right now. Plus the winter blues are settling in.... got to do something to brighten her spirits.

    For now, it will have to be a good scrubbing of scaly old leg tonight, and I think I'll paint her toenails. Just doesn't seem like enough. She's really *really* been such a trooper through this.
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    Cook up her favorite meal, mom. Nothing warmed my kid-heart like fresh home-made baking...
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    I think a spa weekend with her bff's will really help lift her spirits. The transition to high school can be difficult and I'm sorry she has had to miss out on so much! She sounds like a great kid!!!!
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    Egads. Took her into family practice dr. because rash is resolving on shin but spreading on thigh. She thought clot was possible. (I hate surgeons!!!! If they can't cut it, it just doesn't interest them.) Spent 3 hours at hospital and clot ruled out, thank goodness (more tears from mom, LOL). Also treating for staph/strep skin infection. Culture taken for MRSA, we should know tomorrow.

    Her left leg is at least twice as big as right, from top of thigh down. More blisters forming on thigh. I'm just sick with worry, but she continues to be a trooper. Poor baby keeps apologizing for worrying me. I told her tonight that this is what being a parent is ... nothing to be done for it. Going to elevate and ice, and we've got antibiotics now. No fever, but Diva is *wiped* out. Going to be a long road.

    Bless family dr. She actually gave me her cell phone number, even though she's not on call this weekend.
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    Can she use Benadryl?
  12. susiestar

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    Family dr is a gem. I was going to suggest that or a dermatologist if this didn't resolve in about 24 hrs. If you let something like this go, the risk is that it will turn into cellulitis. I spent seven or eight days in the hospital a few yrs ago with cellulitis from a tiny pinprick on my leg that I didn't even know I had. It actually was a zit and then BOOM! By three days later (a monday) when I got itno my doctor, she took one look and said "go to the hospital NOW. don't go home, don't do anything, just go now or I am calling an ambulance if you drove." Thankfully my dad had taken me. I had a pict line and ended up wtih 28 rounds of antibiotics. I was on full quarantine protocol and so tired I didn't read a single book, stitch anything, or even doodle. I stared at the tv and slept when I could. I was truly lucky because I could have lost my leg up to the hip if it had gone any farther. As it is, I have constant muscle pain from the damage done, and it will never really be back the way it was. I recently learned there is even bone damage there from the infection and how it didn't end up being amputated, no one can explain except I was blessed. If they had realized it was in the bone, they would have amputated it with zero discussion as generally that doesn't heal well. But they didn't think an xray was needed because the culture responded well, so I was blessed to have kept my leg.

    Don't let this rash get worse. Call the doctor at home if it shows ANY signs of worsening ANYWHERE. Take a sharpie and draw around the margins and then put a ruler against the blisters and take photos. Check it every six to eight hours and if it shows ANY sins of worsening, call the doctor or go to the hospital right away. Those are signs of possible cellulitis. Diva is a trooper, but she needs her legs. A LOT. I hate to scare you more, but this is something that is truly terrifying and you NEED to watch it carefully.

    If the rash is painful and the doctor didn't give a cream, you might consider burnjel plus. Yes, it says it is for burns. It has aloe, tea tree and lidocaine, so it numbs the pain/itching, it fights bacteria and fungal infections very well, and it helps the skin recover fast. I have been amazed at the number of skin problems it has helped us with. The lidocaine will keep her from scratching so she won't scar.
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    Susie - LOL, impossible to scare me more. ;) Trust me, I was running through all the scenarios last night as we were getting the ultrasound done. I always try to plan for the worst.

    Leg looks much better today. I think it's just the darn edema building up - I don't know if that is irritating the skin or what. I dunno - none of it makes much sense to me. We've got the clindamycin on board now, and I have Benadryl gel for the itchiness (dr. said hydrocortisone is not a good idea 'cuz steroids lower immunity - kicking myself, should have taken her in Wednesday). She's supposed to play in a concert tomorrow, but I'm really seriously thinking that I need to keep her elevated when she's not in school, at least until she's able to move the leg a bit more and get that circulation going. This back and forth with- the edema really bothers me.

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    The spa idea sounds amazing. If no where comfy for a wheelchair, maybe someone could come to your house?

    Poor sweetie, hope things turn around soon!
  15. susiestar

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    Please think about geting the Burnjel Plus that I recommended. You can find it in the first aid section by the bandaids and caladryl type lotions for about six bucks. It will work with the benadryl and the lidocaine will REALLY help the itching and burning and pain. Add in aloe for fast healing and tea tree oil to prevent surface infections and it is a big help. Always test on a small spot so if it causes problems they are in a small area. I have used this with incredible results for J's cystic acne which is incredibly painful - the gel not only keeps the pain manageable, it also helps her not pick at them. This gel has been far more effective at healing them than all the OTC and rx medications we have tried. It is also amazing for getting splinters out and for many other things. I get yeast infections in my armpits and when I combine this with miconazole, they go away in 24 hrs as opposed to a week with miconazole alone. We now use it for a LOT of skin problems, and it is really helpful.

    I hate that she is having such problems. I hope the spa party can lift her spirits.