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    Nichole had her youngest cat Figaro fixed and declawed about a week to 10 days ago. (just front claws) Before she went off to the vets, Figaro and Nichole's other cat Cassie got along just fine. But from the moment Figaro returned from the vet, Cassie can't seem to stand her. She stalks and attacks whenever Figaro ventures out from a hiding place. It's not playing. Poor Figaro has taken to peeing in Nichole's potted plants because Cassie stalks her and attacks when she tries to use the litter box. Figaro has lost weight because Cassie won't let her eat. This is in no way shape or form normal behavior for Cassie.

    We figured it would stop once Figaro felt up to snuff again and would fight back. Well, she's not fighting back........she runs and hides. Nichole went and got her some soft food hoping she could eat it faster, before Cassie could stalk and attack.

    Me, being a cat person......*cough cough cough* I told her to lock Cassie up in the bedroom and give poor Figaro a break. But this can't go on forever, and Cassie is showing no signs of stopping.

    It did hit me tonight while talking to her that perhaps Figaro now smells like the vets office, not a good memory for Cassie by a long shot, and no longer smells like the Figaro she knows. So I told her to snatch up something Cassie has been sleeping on and make sure to rub it all over Figaro to see if that helps. (they used to snuggle together all the time)

    I remember easy child having the issue with she had Simba and Tom declawed and fixed. Jerry was less than please to see either of them and let it be known. But it didn't seem to go on as long. Which makes me wonder if it really is the strange scent of the vets office, antiseptic ect that is the culprit. As Jerry did this when Simba was outside for months and came home and easy child tried to bring him back inside. Didn't last as long though.

    So, ideas? Cuz this is driving her crazy. And poor Figaro just went through the trauma of surgery only to have her best friend turn on her.
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    Figaro doesn't smell right, and it'll be a while after declawing before balance is properly back, too. She will have to keep them separated until balance is properly restored. Hoovers, but you were on the nail there. The larger the cat, the longer it takes to regain balance again (more to do with size than with age, though obviously younger is easier on them).
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    Lisa~ My cats went through this when my male was bathed and given a lion cut at the groomer's.... my female just didn't recognize him. I agree the kitties need to be separated for the time being.
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    Lisa - same thing, when we took Possum to be fixed and front declawed. When he came home, Weasel wanted NOTHING to do with him unless she was attacking him. It took about 2 weeks before I figured out what the problem was and gave them both a bath. With the declaw or a spay you have to be careful, but... They smelled alike after the bath, and got along a lot better.
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    We have clients call the animal hospital. I work at about this all the time! It's strange but cats don't recognize each other by sight only smell, so they actually don't recognize the other cat when they return home from he vet. It's recommended to take a washcloth and rub the cat that's staying home, especially around base of tail and the sides of face which is where their scent glands are. Then rub the cloth on vet kittie before it comes home. Too late now but you could still try. :)
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    I have also heard that seperating them and then reintroducing them after you've dabbed a little vanilla on both of them can help because then they both have a common scent.
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    That's what I guessed at when I bathed mine.

    The last couple of days, on Animal Planet I've been watching My Cat from Hell - this guy Jackson Galaxy is a cat behaviorist. He's freaky looking but it's mostly common sense stuff. And this has been handled, sort of.

    The washcloth rubbed on Cassie's face, then on Figaro, should help...
  8. Star*

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    Just um.......make sure that washcloth goes OUT in the trash or RIGHT in the wash - Know what I mean??
  9. flutterby

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    Yeah, she smells different now. They'll come around again. In the meantime, give Figaro a quiet room with food and a litter box to heal and relax.