Cat won't eat had surgery Thursday any suggestions?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by helpangel, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. helpangel

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    One of the cat's from Thursday's TNR rescue is refusing to eat if anyone has suggestions I would appreciate it.

    Turns out of the 11 we neutered 7 of them were females, we probably stopped half million feral cats from happening.

  2. susiestar

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    It may seem a bit odd, but my mother always made homemade chicken broth for our cats when they were sick and would not eat. If they would not drink the broth she used one of those syringes with-o a needle to squirt small amounts in their mouths. Once when our oldest cat was sick she and I made the trip to the vet every 2-3 hrs to go and feed him homemade broth with a syringe. He was at the univ vet school clinic because he got hurt several hours after the reg vet closed. I am sure canned broth (low sodium only, look for no msg or for the sodium content to not be sky high) is fine. Broth made from bouillon powder or cubes is not very healthy for them and may be way too salty and contribute to dehydration.

    One other trick, if this cat likes to be clean/to groom himself, is to spread tuna juice (liquid from canned tuna) or chicken broth on his paws where he can lick easily.

    Baby meat is very good for this kind of situation. Do NOT get the meat for older kids mixed with rice or vegetables or pasta or whatever. Get the little jars for the first feedings of meat. Cats don't need that other stuff and right now the protein is what they need.

    Tuna can be hard on their system, so go easy with that at first. A bit of juice to get him interested and then a tiny amt. Or you can mix a bit of the tuna juice with chicken baby food if he on't touch the baby food.

    I hoep some of this is helpful!
  3. jal

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    Give the cat canned tuna juice. No tuna. Thank you for your work in controlling the pet population. I commend you. :)
  4. SomewhereOutThere

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    Thanks for your help with feral cats. I love, love, love animals and this morning am going into the Humane Society coincidentally to help clean the cat room, which is a huge task and takes half t he day. I will ask people there if they know what to do.

    Bless you. Really.
  5. helpangel

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    thank you all for the suggestions & good thoughts, the person holding the cats hasn't called or emailed me back yet to know what finally works... hopefully they are trapping the 5+ we missed and not camped out at the vet's office. If they released some before we get them it's gonna be hard getting them; will have to sit there with a drop trap and only catch the ones with both ear tips. That big gray one that looks part bobcat isn't going to fall for that.

    The baby food meats are good with a cat with the runs also, it's like it's half digested so lets their tummy rest, thank you I forgot about that one will suggest it in next email. Wonder if the one that won't eat was one of the pregnant ones? Maybe she is depressed? Sure wish someone would call me or send me an update email, it's 40 minute drive to the trap site or I would just go look for myself.

    Thanks again everyone have a wonderful weekend.
  6. witzend

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    Is the cat going pooh? I know that when Bubba had problems with stitches near his bladder when he hurt himself one time, he wouldn't drink water because he didn't want to pee. Is it possible that the cat is having problems going #2?

    Thank you for your work to control the feral cat population. :)
  7. helpangel

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    that was my first thought needed to toilet, some won't go in a cage. they still haven't called me so just waiting to hear from them.