Cataract surgery...I have to wait for 20/40 vision???


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I have cataracts and im already scared to drive much since my accident, but need to start. The problem is that my eyesight is getting progressovely duller and i just dont see that well anymore.

Last year i went to an optometrist in the clinic I go to in order to get new lenses and I told them my eyesight keeps getting worse so they eye tested me. Without glasses i did very poorly but with my glasses on I eaked out 20/20 which surprised me. Seriously shocked me, actually.
I still see hazy and dull, even in glasses so I asked if I could see an optometrist for surgery. The Optometrist told me the surgery wont be covered if I still test 20/20 in my glasses, even if I cant drive or see at night or if i cant find things that ate laying on a desk if they are both of similar color. I can only see a blurry without my glasses.

Im not happy. I feel id be more confident of driving and other areas if i had surgery and I am not afraid to have it. I am ready to fake my eye test this year so that I can get a referral to an Ophamalogist. I feel kind of sneaky and dirty planning to fake my test. Has anypne else had a similar problem? I would rather do it on the up and up but its about insurance. My first insurance is Medicare.

Anyone else run into this? I really cant see well at all anymore. Even with glasses on ALL the time, i have to squint if its top bright and cant see much at night. My sight has been deteriorating since I turned sixty. What a pain !!#@%!


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I wonder if there is a medical reason for waiting? Like they aren't thick enough to safely remove? What a pain is right! It would be awful to see everything in a blur. Without my glasses my eyesight is about 20/500! Yep - that bad. But with glasses I correct to 20/20 too. They aren't even thick!


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Would it be worth it to appeal? My eyesight is awful, even corrected I'm at 20/40, so I hear you on that.


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My main issue like this is seeing in the rain at night. I can see fine in the rain, I have excellent night vision, but when you combine the two all bets are off! I think a lot of it is all the light flares you get. Thankfully have yet to deal with cataracts or glaucoma.

The not being able to identify two separate objects on the desk because they are the same color though? I might have to consider another optometrist. Hard to imagine having that issue, ESPECIALLY in light of the hazy and dull, and being 20/20.


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Well, for distance and if i guess right the blurry test did show 20/20 with glasses on lol. I truly may not try so hard to do well this time. Im tired of the blurriness, even with glasses.


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I am exactly like you Jabber. I freak out when it is dark and raining. That is my worst driving experience.

I wear cheaters at work and to read menu's and such but otherwise no problems. I have a friend my age (55) that is getting cataract surgery soon.

I think it's terrible they won't let you get it!! I'd probably be bold and ask my eye doctor if I could speak to him/her "off the record" and tell him your dilemma to see what you can do!

Good luck!


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Thanks :)

But i know what to do. I have to not score 20/20 vision, which is a laugh considering how bad my vision is. I hate not doing my best on the eye test, but my vision keeps getting worse.

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That's terrible that they won't do the surgery as long as you have 20/20 with glasses.

I don't blame you for fudging on the eye test.

I'm not sure if I should wish you luck to fail.:bigsmile:

Seriously, I hope you are able to get the result you need.