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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Aug 11, 2012.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Well i just caught up on what is going on on the board, what an amazing group of warrior parents you all are! I am thinking of each of you and especially those of you whose difficult children who are struggling...and i am so impressed with the stands and steps you all have taken.

    I am still overseas...did not have very reasonable wifi for the last month which is why i have been out of touch...seem to have it for the next three days though.

    I am having a wonderful wonderful trip. Had problems getting my phone to work and very limited internet access which has been really good for me...helped me let go a lot.

    My difficult child is making progress but is having his slip ups or rather screw ups. I have not talked to him whille i hqve been gone, qlthough if he really wanted to we could set it up. We have talked to his therapist at the program he is at weekly. She is great, he has opened up to her and i think they are really getting to some issues. He called my husband last week and said he is feeling better than he has in a long time. He has signed up for a class in Sept ( out there) , they are pushing him to get his commuity serevice hours done for probation. There have been some pretty bad times with the girl back home, and he hqs gone to the therapist for help in dealing with it. A lot of good stuff...i think this progrqm has rerally been the right olace for him, the dbt is good for him i think and they do not just kick him out when he behaves inappropriately.

    As came up in another thread i think he was an addict before he ever usee substances....and he hqs used them to avoid dealing with his feelings and issues. All that is hopeful.

    However there is still worrisome stuff. 10 days ago the therapist told us they were drug testing him because another resident had gotten a hold of some spice. difficult children response was fine i have nothing to hide. The therapist felt like he was clean and we hoped she was right. Well this week we found out she wasnt, he did use and lied to her. I think she was disappointed about him as was i. However he epdid eventually own up( kind of had to given the evidence) and i think it provided some more opportunity for learning both on his part and on the part of the therapist. However him continuing to relapse worries me...but hey right now i am on vacation so i wont worry much because at least know he is safe.

  2. Nancy

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    TL it's great to hear from you. I'm on ny way to our family reunion so I'll just say I liked what I read about difficult children progress.

    I missed you. Have a good rest if your trip and it sounds wonderful.

  3. DDD

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    I missed the whole inning, lol, and didn't realize you wre enjoying an extended change of environment. Wonderful!
    Glad your difficult child is safe and making progress. I just had to shake my head when reading about the Spice test. Why our kids avow their innocense when the know a test is scheduled...I just don't get it. Sigh! on the other hand it's good that he is making baby steps forward. Have an awesome time. DDD
  4. Calamity Jane

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    I'm so glad he's making progress and they're not throwing him out like the previous places. Sorry he backslid, but difficult child's don't see boundaries like we do.
    So great that you checked in - I'm sure you're doing terrific work over there, and can't wait to hear more when you come back. Hope easy child is doing wonderfully, too.
  5. PatriotsGirl

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    So good to hear from you and with such wonderful news!!! I have been thinking about you! :)
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    I got a nice email from difficult child today and he wasnt asking for anything..said he is not feeling contempt for life and is happy! He said this program is the best by far and he has had his slip ups but there are in it with him. Now my difficult child does not say positive things unless he means them! So it was a really good message.

  7. Nancy

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    That must have been wonderful news for you to read. It sounds like his head is really clearing out and he is able to absorb what they are trying to teach him. I'm so happy for you and him and hope he continues to like this feeling enough to never let it go.

  8. recoveringenabler

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    Great news TL, good to hear from you and I'm happy for you and for difficult child. Enjoy the remainder of your vacation!
  9. Calamity Jane

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    difficult child not asking for anything and not having contempt and finally feeling happy is a revelation. As my father in law used to say all the time, the jackhammer is breaking through the cement!
  10. rejectedmom

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    Good news that he is liking the place. Even beter that you are having a nice vacation!!! Enjoy! -RM