CD Members in Georgia & NYC

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. DDD

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    The news seems to indicate some sad events in both locations. I'm sending caring thoughts to any family impacted. DDD
  2. DDD

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    In Atlanta they had a huge tornado hit during a major collegiate basketball competition and take the roof. So far no deaths reported.
    NYC had a huge crane topple and take out building parts. It appears
    there are a few deaths. Fingers crossed our CD family is safe. DDD
  3. This family in Georgia is doing very well... We went through some very harrowing, scary moments where we were huddled together in our downstairs powder room with a flashlight and a battery powered TV, but we are counting our blessings.

    We lost a hundred year old full growth Red Oak tree, and worst of all our neighbor's house "found" it. But the good news is that they were not at home and no one was hurt . The clean up will be expensive and time consuming but we're not too worried about that.

    Thanks for thinking of us!
  4. DDD

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    That's wonderful that you all had enough warning to protect yourselves.
    I got the impression from the coverage that it was totally unexpected.
    I'm assuming that Marietta was spared but haven't heard from adult easy child yet....she calls on Sunday, bless her heart.

    Here's hoping everyone is aok. DDD
  5. I have my fingers crossed for easy child. I really think that Marietta escaped the intense storms and heavy wind.

    We live intown on the SE side, where the storm really slammed in. My guys made fun of me a couple of years ago when I bought an inexpensive weather alert radio, but it came in handy this time. You should have seen us, we looked so silly huddled together with our bicycle helmets strapped on tightly. :)

    I'm really worried about my office though. It's downtown on Peachtree Street, right in the line of the worst of it. I'm hoping all of my work didn't blow out of a broken window!
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    Praying that everyone is OK. Sorry about your tree, and your neighbor's house. Glad no one was hurt.

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    I'm in the outer boroughs of NYC (not in Manhattan) and I also don't get to watch the news on the weekend.

    Suffice it to say, since we didn't make the paper we're all ok. Nine times out of 10 these co.'s don't get the right permits or hire untrained people and that's when these mess ups go on.

    Hope everyone in our CD family is ok!