Celebrate life.......


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I just saw this on FB and for whatever reason it hit home today. How much do any of us really celebrate life.......as opposed to just getting through so much of the 'stuff' of life. Maybe it's my age, but it's lookin' more and more like a really good idea to remember that each day is a gift that we get to experience. Do we want to spend it bumming out about what is in front of us, or that we are lucky to be in a body and get to know the magic of each moment, that it's all a terrific blessing......even when it is difficult and hard, we are still here........we are still breathing....... and if we look a little to the left, or to the right, there is some miracle going on, even if it's a really good cup of coffee, or the smile on a strangers face, or that morning dew, or a great sunset........sometimes we have to really LOOK for that miracle, but really, it's always right there........just a little perceptual shift.........