Celebrating a beautiful Saturday!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by KTMom91, Nov 9, 2008.

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    Yesterday, Hubby and I took my mom and Miss KT to San Francisco for lunch for Mom's BD. We were kind of worried, because Miss KT has the ability to turn happy into horrible, but we were all pleasantly surprised! We survived the three hour trip with no cross words, had lunch, they sang to both me and Mom (my BD is coming up too), and then we wandered around Pier 39 all afternoon just shopping and snacking. It sprinkled but did not rain, it was warm enough that a coat wasn't necessary, we found lots of interesting things to see, and we watched the sea lions fuss and argue. Miss KT picked no fights, she was even pleasant to Hubby, we got back in the car and had a peaceful trip home. Mom, Miss KT, and I were playing Geography (a great car game) and Hubby was helping Miss KT come up with places.

    I am so thankful that yesterday went smoothly. Having a wonderful day was the best birthday present I could have.
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    That was truly an awesome day! Miss KT is maturing.
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    Well Happy Birthday!!! And so glad you had a nice day...
    I love San Fran. My home town. I love the crab sandwiches down at the Wharf... I grew up in the Mission!!!!

    husband and I took K there when she was 15 months old and we sat and watched the seals and sea lions at the pier. They are so funny.
    Last time I was there, 2 months ago I went across the bridge to Sausalito, I lived over there for awhile. I went to Fort Baker and walked down along the water. I stumbled upon a baby sea lion. Just sitting on a rock, about 10 feet from me. A biologist was there checking him out, he was fine and we just sat and watched him for about an hour! He was so cute, barking and talking.
    I am glad Miss KT did well.
    Something about the ocean air...
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    What a great birthday present for you and your mother. :) My husband and I lived in central CA during the early eighties and spent every weekend in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay and all along the coast for a few years! We had a motorcycle and buzzed all over the place! It was wonderful and exciting time for us as we were just youngins, newly married and had left Kansas to explore the world and we did. You just brought back some great memories for me. Thanks and Happy Birthday! :hapBday:
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    Sounds like a perfect day-wish you could bottle it-I know you will savor it! Happy Birthday!!:)