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    Am I correct that Kanga will be counted at her Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and not here? The census form lists nursing home, jail, etc -- I would think Residential Treatment Center (RTC) would fit in there???
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    gosh I dont know
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    I haven't read how mine is worded yet, but when I was filling out taxes I was directed to list difficult child as living in my home even though he'd spent the year in Department of Juvenile Justice and I was payiing them CS. I can tell you it helped on my taxes to still be able to claim that! I think you should list them- if your school or local agencies are helping to fund the services, they need to be able to include her in the locality's count, I would think- unless it's saying NOT to include a minor in a detention center or whatever.
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    I work about one block from the Census building. We frequently eat in their cafeteria. A good group of people. None of which will help you.
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    I'd ask Residential Treatment Center (RTC).
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    Census Bureau said - Everyone should be counted where they usually are living. This would count Kanga at YOUR home. This would also count displaced people from hurricanes who normally would live in a certain town and are doubling up with someone in the next town - to fill out their own census and turn it in as if they were residing in their own home NOT allowing the people they are living with to count them as living in that home.

    ALSO - FYI - NOT filling out the census is a punishable crime of no less than $100 and up to $500 dollars. So fill it out. This is the SHORTEST census in history.
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    Well, something seems odd- not to get too Occupational Therapist (OT), but I already filled out some very lengthy form claiming to be a US census about 2 months ago, then got a phone call about it, and now I just got another one today.
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    The US Census form is very short. Unless you get the American Survey with it.

    Also, with your difficult child in jail, the census form is clear that he does not go on your form but on the jails.