Certain Meats....like sausages

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    just a thought...my son has recently (Nov/05)been diagnosed allergic to dairy. I read everything now...My older son gets migranes from certain foods....feeding this family is a nightmare, but i manage. lol
    My thought was this...if you dont read the labels you might not even know..milk ingredients are in schneider's pepperretes but not piller's...certain sausage meat contains milk ingredients..."red hots" schneider's hotdogs contain milk ingredients...gummy bears may contain milk!....most store bought bread has some form of milk init or another, buns too....not all chocolate is dairy based...soy milk does not make good instant pudding by the way...lol...bdays suck - noo ice cream....no more lasagna(so we thought)...finally found milk aternative based cheeses....they actually taste good!
    ALternative medical treatment is expensive!

    ANy ideas for chip dip or veg dip that isnt dairy would be helpful....he hates chick peas (no hummus plz).
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    Most sausage/hot dogs should not be part of your regular diet anyway.
    While alternative medicine may appear expensive at first, it can be much cheaper in the long run. Good health is attainable and cheap to maintain!! :smile:
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    I have the same problem. I will eat something that I don't think contains milk in any form and within 20 minutes I am sick. I have had to speed through town trying to get home intime. It's annoying, I think by now I know all the offending food and then wham.

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    We carry suitable food for Duckie to eat. It saves alot of problems.
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    sausages and hotdaogs arent a normal part of his dieat to begin with but sometimes he goes to his friend's places and when he does feeding him can be a hassle. We have changed his routine a little and it seems to be working. Thanks for all your help...just thought soem people might want to know that even things we dont usually associate with milk may contain it...thanks once again to all.