Cervical Dysplasia

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    My 24 year old had a pap smear that came back abnormal. She did in the past too, and it was low grade dysplasia.
    Anyone know about this? She's really upset.
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    Meh. It CAN be serious. But I've also had several friends told this over the years, including weird additional comments like "you may never have children later, so you might want to start now" that never made sense to me. It's just not that serious at this point!

    All of those friends are 100% fine now, most with several kiddies running around, none have cancer or anything bad. Low grade dysplasia usually resolves itself within a year or so. How many times has she gotten an abnormal test result/have there been normal paps in between? Has the doctor said they were gonna do anything other than just keep an eye on it?
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    Don't know what that is -but sending hugs.
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    They are going to do the LEEP procedure and probably a biopsy, but I called the doctor's office when she acted so upset and the nurse said it's not cancer, just something to watch.
    During her wild drug days, daughter got HPV, so she's at high risk. But all they may do is scrape some cells, I believe. I just wanted to know if anyone went through it and what it was like. I think I'm going to go to Illinois when she has her procedure, even though it's only 20-30 minutes. I just want to give her my Mommy support.
    This particular child has a lot of trouble with anxiety, like me, so I feel for her. They are closing on their house soon too and this is just an additional stress. Plus she's in school full time and working. She doesn't need this too.
    But do any of us? :(
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    Your poor daughter. Sounds like something I'd want Mommy around for, too. :) The good news is LEEP procedures have really high success rates at getting all the abnormal cells. The only worry is that her doctor will probably tell her to delay trying to get pregnant for a while - LEEP can mess with cervical competency in really rare cases. But again, that's really, really rare. She'll probably have more-regular-than-usual paps for a while after to double check the results. It's a pretty common procedure. Go your daughter for being proactive and taking care of her health!!
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    I was diagnosis with dysplasia at age 21. By the time they had finished testing, it had turned into pre-stage cancer---last stage of dysplasia and had a cone biopsy in which they took almost the whole cervix and other treatment. I have not had a reoccurence. It did make it difficult to have my last two children. I ended up with a c-section because the scarring on my cervix made it impossible to dilate. I also ended up with a full hysterectomy at age 28 because of endometriosis which can happen after the treatments.
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    I had dysplasia diagnosis'd when I was 19. I ended up with a biopsy and then laser cauterization to remove the cells. They did a bunch of other tests and told me I couldn't become pregnant. HA!

    I did have trouble with labor - my cervix would dilate to about a 3-4 cm opening very early and then stay there, for over a month the first time! - until they gave me pitocin.

    It is very important to follow the doctor suggestions about this. I hope it is easily resolved.
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    Tell her not to worry. I had a cone biopsy at age 27 or 28 and afterwards, once it had healed for about a year, my regular doctor said that if he hadn't known I had had it done, he wouldn't be able to tell. A few years ago I had a recurrance (HPV here too) and had the LEEP procedure done. They knock you out for it but I was pretty alert and felt fine after. Yes, you're sore for a few days but it wasn't that bad. The cone biopsy was much worse to recover from. The worst part for me honestly was..

    GROSS ALERT!!!!!!!! (specific details to follow...don't read if you don't want to know! LOL)

    the smell. (although the smell after the cone biopsy was really narly too....worse than the LEEP) Basically what the LEEP is, is a super hot wire loop. They use this to scrap and cauterize. So in the end....you have a burnt cervix. It's not that painful afterwards (some pain but more of an uncomfortable pinchy/crampy kind of feeling) and they give you medications in case you need them. I think I took them religiously the first day or two and then not too much after that. I don't remember exactly but I'm thinking I had to wear a pad for a few days at least.....maybe a week or so. Like I said, the smell was....different but again, the cone was much worse.

    If she has any questions tell her she's more than welcome to PM me and I'll answer any I can. It's honestly not that bad.
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    Thanks, all.
    I will tell her she can message you and see if she wants to do it. I think her biggest worry, although she didn't say it, is having kids. I know she doesn't want any now or in the near future, but eventually she does. I'll ask her point blank next time I talk to her. I think she should get over the fear since it seems like people have kids anyway. If she can't, well, she can adopt. She is adopted and I think she could warm up to the idea of adopting a little one from Korea, like her.
    Thanks again.
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    I had this after my oldest child was born in 1990. In February 1991, I had cryosurgery (basically inserting frozen ice up your insides and letting it kill the cells). They told me I might miss a period. My next child was born in October as I was apparently already pregnant when they did the procedure (note; you CAN get pg while nursing AND using condoms). I had to have the cryo once more after she was born. She is 17 now and I have never had another abnormal PAP.

    Tell her to get it treated, go every six months for 2 years and relax.
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    Even with the cone biopsy (which I was told they don't do as much anymore as they used to) and the LEEP, I have yet to be told that I can't have kids. (well....not from that anyway). As I understand it (unless you have many LEEPs) a cone biopsy is what would cause problems with pregnancy and even that depends on how much they take out. In a normal situation, it either won't affect things or if it does, you would only need a circlage (sp?) after you are pregnant. (that stitch thingy they do to hold your cervix closed)

    I was told though, that if I keep having issues, I should consider a partial hysterectomy. BUT...that is only because of my age and the fact that I have fertility issues to begin with.
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    Thank you. I'll tell her. I suspect that this is her biggest fear. I'm really grateful to everyone who responded.
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    I hope all goes well for her.