Changing schools - Rattle a few beads

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    Might want to rattle a few beads, do a tribal dance, etc..

    Most likely when we get moved into our new house, the children will be changing to a different elementary school in town. We are moving to a better neighborhood and I think it would be good for them to go to school in the neighborhood where we live. That way they can get to know the kids in our area easier and sooner than if they stay in the section that we used to live in.

    I do hate to have to switch them in the middle of the school year. However it might be better for at least our youngest daughter and our difficult child. The youngest has reading problems,( most likely the dyslexia from wife). wife has been trying to get them to test her, because she is doing so poorly in her reading. The elementary she is in, seems to be dragging thier feet for some reason. wife has been really bothered by it, and I too. Maybe the switching would help her get better help. I do fear that my little baby girl (she is 6) might end up with a BiPolar (BP) diagnosis. She can go from a little angel, to getting very very upset easily. Don't want to claim it, but it might be a possibility.

    Also for Levi, our difficult child, it might be good for him to have a fresh start since he is doing so much better with his medications. Since he had lots of trouble last year and a huge amount at the beginning of this year, he has been known a having an attitude and getting in trouble. At the new school he would only be known with the medications, which have helped enormously with him at school.

    Have to make the decision before they go back from winter break. They get out the 22nd and go back the first week of January. If they stay at the school they are at now, that will mean driving all but the oldest to school each morning for me. That would be rough and mean I would have to get up at probably 5:30am to be able get them and me ready to leave by 7:30am each day. Not sure I want to do that for the rest of the school year.

    Oh well, enough rambling. Any thoughts appreciated,
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    Rattling some beads while you and your family plan your move.