Chasing the mouse on the computer and Chester's new buddy

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    We still haven't found a home for the kitten. Who, by the way, is only known as the kitten (or little poop when she climbs my back) and has yet to be named. Nevertheless, she sleeps with us most of the time and has completely captured Chester. He constantly wants to play with her and if she's in the mood, she'll lay on her back and play with him. Other times they will chase each other through the house. We thought we found her a home, took her to her new "Mom" who called us three days later and had to give her back. Chester was really bummed when she was gone too. But...when he saw me walking up to the house carrying her after I picked her up....I could tell he was excited to see her again even before I got in the house. I don't know if it's just because he likes HER or if it's because he's tickled to have something in the house smaller than him but that kitten is his buddy. He's going to be really down when I find her a home.

    This morning I'm sitting here on the computer and part of the time the kitten has been on my lap. She's decided that chasing the cursor when I move the mouse is her new past time. I think she's reset about 17 different settings on the computer when she tramps across the keyboard and attacks the screen.
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    I think you have a new pet. Miss
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    My parents tried to find a home for a black kitten that appeared in their garage one February.

    Her name is Cinders and she's about 8 years old now...

    I had my niece's 2 gray-and-white ones as a temporary thing near Thanksgiving a few years ago.

    sister in law found someone to adopt the boy kitty, and "Sissy" is now Squirrel... And she's 5.